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2019: The Year in Retrospect

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When we look back at the year 2019 and comprehend what was it like for India, an overwhelming feeling may arise due to the scale of accomplishment. New India is emerging with visible actions on many fronts.

Here are the top 11 reasons why the year 2019 would be remembered for decades.

1. India Asserting Itself

It is in India’s character to not be an aggressor but unhesitatingly demonstrate the will and valour to punish the wrong doers. When the terror attack happenend in Pulwama, within a few weeks India carried a high precison air strike deep inside the territory of Pakistan, killed a large group of terrorists and neutralised terror training centres in Balakot. Balakot operation considered one of the deadliest among global military operations, not only called the nuclear bluff of Pakistan but also showed the world the determination of India in fighting terror.

Not just that! While the opposition was busy in derailing India’s military interests to score some petty political points, the nation went ahead and inducted Rafale fighter jets in its fleet. The images of ‘Shastra Puja’ of Rafale enthralled the people signifying the New India, which is rapidly modernizing to meet the future needs. Yet it does not shy away from wearing its traditional roots on its sleeves. The images of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh performing the puja coincided with Vijaya Dashami, making the moment all the more special.

2. Settling Civilizational Issues

For centuries, the devotees awaited the moment when they could re-build the temple at Lord Ram’s birthplace at Ayodhya. Their persisent fight, through constitutional means, finally bore fruit with the Supreme Court unanimously passing the Ayodhya verdict opening the doors to build a grand temple. The nation responded with its renewed faith in the judicial process and showed the maturity of our democracy.

In December, through the act duly supported by the Parliament India assured citizenship to people belonging to persecuted minorities from the three Islamic nations, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangaldesh. The Act reflected India’s committment to its long-held ehtos of compassion, humanity and assimilation.  This again was the need of the hours for the last 7 decades, as lakhs of refugees were living a life of penury and had no place to go other than India.

3. Social Justice through Sab ka Saath

This is the year in which the Economically Weaker Section in general category were provided 10% reservations in state owned colleges and government jobs. This was done ensuring that the quota given to the other sections is not affected.

The year also saw passing of The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019. Muslim women would no longer face the threat of instant triple talaq. The winter session of the Parliament passed ‘The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019,’ that became law to protect the rights of transgender persons’.

4. Re-energising the System

The year 2019 further confirmed that the motto ‘perform or perish’ is not just PM Modi’s agenda but has become a motto of the entire system.  The snaps below testify the emergence of merit-based India that no longer tolerates inefficiency and corrupt practices. On the other hand, productivity of parliament increased to unprecedented levels.

The system was futher energised to work rigorously for people and makes their lives easier through measures like faceless tax assessment.

5. Making of New Indian Economy

India is building itself as the nation of job creators by making the environment more friendly to do business. It continued to gallop in the ease of doing business ranking. Startups in India aised a record $3.9 billions from the venture capitalists in the six months of 2019. India’s corporate tax rates also was cut down to 22% making it one of the lowest among major world economies.

6. Indian Engineering Reaches to New Heights

With the successful testing of Anti-Satellite Missile in March, India secured its place among select nations with this accomplishment. Successful launch of Vande Bharat express proved tthe world that India has all the capability to design indigenous technology for its progress. India’s attempt of Chandrayana attracted wide acclaim from the international scientific community, who applauded India for making an attempt to land in the Southern pole of the moon, which has not been done before.

7. One Nation, One Constitution Became a Reality

The abrogation of Article 370 paved the way for people from SC, ST communities as well as women residing in Jammu and Kashmir, to get their due. Ladakh, too, became a seaprate Union Territory, ensuring that it can now carve its own path and make its voice heard.

8. Standing Up for the Middle Class

Complete tax exemption to individuals with annual income up to Rs 5 lakh, Rs 25,000 crore fund to kickstart the stalled housing projects r along with many other measures came as a huge relief for the aspiring middle class.

9. India Wins Again

Lok Sabha elections in 2019 marks the win of India because of its pro-incumbency factor. Indians made it loud and clear with the mandate that they want stable and decisive leadership. The return of Modi Sarkar with the bigger mandate is the phenomenon Indian democracy has seen after decades. There was a perception that the voting preferences of Indians was largely decided by caste calculations. The voters dispelled this myth as their vote was largely seen a vote for develoment plank of the Modi government as well as its determination to not allow corrupt go scot-free. The flagship schemes like Swachh Bharat, UJJWALA and so on touched people’s lives. On the other hand, dynasty politics across India recieved a shock treatment by the voters.

10. Completion of Commitments

The year 2019 saw that the major promises given by the government getting fulfilled. India became open defecation free. It successfully met the target in giving gas connection under UJJWALA. Decades-old demand of Chief of Defence Staff also fulfilled this year which will strengthen the coordination in the armed forces.

11. Social Security Regime Became a Thing

With the launch of PM Kisan and Shram Yogi Mandhan in 2019, every needy section of the society was ensured support from the government. While the former gives an annual income support of Rs 6000 to farmers the latter covers crores of people in the unorganised sector with a security cover. The government also launched a pension scheme for small retailers and traders, thus benefiiting crores of self-employed workers in the country. The scheme, Pradhan Mantri Laghu Vyapari Maan-dhan makes all beneficiaries eligible for a monthly pension of Rs 3000 after the age of 60 at a miniscule monthly contribution.