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The World’s True Picture- The Global Events That Made News

The Global Events That Made News

The world around us moves with a fast pace. Here is a quick snippet of the important world events, a true picture of what’s happening across the globe.

Coronavirus Continues to Raise Concerns

The number of deaths and confirmed cases of Coronavirus don’t seem to be stopping. Latest figures show that till date, 813 deaths have happened with 811 in just China itself. More than 37,198 people have been confirmed positive for Coronavirus. The epidemic is more severe than SARS.

Doctor Who Discovered Coronavirus Dies

Li Wenliang, 34, the doctor who first alerted the authorities about the possible outbreak of Coronavirus is no more. What is more outrageous is that Chinese authorities summoned him to the local police bureau for “spreading fake news” in December 2019 about the virus. His death has triggered huge criticism about the restrictions to freedom of expression in China.

Coronavirus Threatens China’s Economic Dominance

Given that large parts of China are under quarantine, the movement of people is restricted. This has caused closure of business activity. Economists suspect China’s GDP growth rate could fall below 6%. The outbreak could affect the exports from China as nations are wary of allowing Chinese products an entry. Consumption expenditure in China can go down, affecting the demand world over.

Be It Anywhere, India Will Always Rescue Its Citizens

Air India with its 4 pilots and 15 crew members led the Indian mission to rescue stranded Indian citizens in Wuhan, China. Despite the health risk, Indian pilots dared to rescue more than 900 Indians in Wuhan. The wait was harrowing as it took eight hours for Indians to board the flight. As a respite, all the Indians who were flown back from Wuhan tested negative for Coronavirus.

Not just Indians, the Ministry of External Affairs has shown readiness to rescue Pakistani citizens stranded in Wuhan when their own nation Pakistan considers it “un-Islamic” to rescue stranded “Muslims”.

Coronavirus Cases on Japanese Ship Sends Everyone in a Tizzy

What was expected to be a relaxed eight-day cruise trip on Japanese cruiser Diamond Princess is turning into a nightmare. After 10 people tested positive for Coronavirus, about 3,700 people now have been quarantined for two weeks as the ship is anchored at Yokohama port of Japan.

Donald Trump Acquitted of Impeachment Charges

Ending the three week long impeachment process, US President Donald Trump was acquitted of charges that included shady dealings with Ukraine and obstructing the US Congress for political gains. The Senate couldn’t muster two third majority to vote him out. While Republicans supported Trump, the lone Republican Mitt Romney voted against Trump. The failed impeachment will have a strong impact on US elections scheduled later this year.

Top Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Yemen

Leader of terror group Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Qassim al-Rimi was killed in an air strike in Yemen, announced White House officials. This is a big hit given that Rimi has been on US radar since long. This comes at the backdrop of killing of ISIS leader Al Baghdadi and Iranian general Soleimani by USA. Al-Qaeda was the terror group established by Osama bin Laden in 1988.

Finally! It’s a Brexit

After changing leadership from David Cameron to Theresa May to Boris Johnson, after a number of failed resolutions in the British parliament and snap elections, Britain finally exited the European Union after 47 years of membership. Boris Johnson called it a “new dawn”. The modalities of a future Britain-EU trade pact remain open. India also is thinking of inking a Free Trade Agreement with Britain.

Pakistan Steps in to Help Malaysia

After Malaysia refused custody of accused Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, India had imposed sanctions on palm oil import from Malaysia. Being an Islamic ally, Pakistan now has stepped in to import palm oil from Malaysia to soothe the economic pinch. Ironically, news was that Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Office couldn’t pay its electricity bill but the nation now wants to import palm oil from Malaysia just to counter India.

Far Right Makes an Entry and Exit in Germany

During the state premier elections for the German state of Thuringia, leader Thomas Kemmerich was elected with the help of far-right supporters and parties like Alternative for Germany (AfD) and Angela Merkel’s own Christian Democratic Party (CDU). But soon, he resigned after his victory was compared with Nazi victory in 1930s. He has called for snap elections in the regional body.

Egg on Pakistan’s Face as OIC Refuses to Take Up Kashmir

Saudi Arabia has once again refused Pakistan’s request to discuss Kashmir in the meeting of foreign ministers of Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest Islamic grouping in the world. Pakistani newspaper Dawn quoted PM Imran Khan lamenting that “We can’t even come together as a whole on the OIC meeting on Kashmir”. This reflects the success of PM Modi’s outreach to the Middle Eastern nations in isolating Pakistan on the world forum.