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A Welcome Viral Moment – Spark of People-friendly Administration in Uttar Pradesh

pilibhit dm

A video of the Pilibhit Deputy Magistrate taking mandi officials to task for not helping farmers has gone viral on social media. In the video, Pilibhit DM Pulkit Khare can be seen angrily enquiring why the purchase of farmers grain brought to the mandi is withheld. He was seen ordering his subordinates to ensure that the farmers are not sent back and the Minimum Support Price is given to them. “Resolving technical issues like registration should be done by the administration and farmers should not be blamed” the DM was seen saying this in video.

It is reported that DM Khare suspended three officers in charge of government procurement agencies after receiving complaints from farmers that rice mill owners and private traders were purchasing paddy at prices lower than the minimum support price.

Many people have heaped praises on the Pilibhit DM on social media as people hailed it a model to serve people. These people have opined that the government should take note of the honesty and efficiency of such officers.

While the officer richly deserves all the praise for effective conduct of duty in addressing the problems faced by farmers, it is also noticeable that the present government in Uttar Pradesh does encourage efficiency in the administrative set up.

As soon as the Yogi government came to power a shaking up of sort took place in the bureaucracy. Officials were strictly told to report to the office early. Many officers tainted with corruption charges and other inefficiency issues were shown door. The Chief Minister himself ensured that top officials came for meetings without accompanying junior officers. The top officials made to present to CMO meetings with all the facts and records, while their juniors attend other files in office.

It is reassuring to see that in Uttar Pradesh a culture of efficiency in public service is displayed in various levels of administration.