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The Apex Court Verdict Nails Those Defending Urban Naxals

Rejecting the manufactured opinion that five rights activists Varavara Rao, Vernon Gonsalves, Gautam Navlakha, Arun Ferreira and Sudha Bharadwaj in Bhima Koregoan violence case were arrested due to their dissent and differences in the ideology with the present government, the Supreme Court observed that they were arrested because there is prime facie evidence available to show their links with banned organisation CPI (Maoist). Court further refused to interfere in the arrest of the so-called right activists.

We have already explained in one of our earlier article that how there exists a possible connection of these ‘rights activists’ with the Maoists.

As soon as they were arrested, an army of Congress leaders and the entire left ecosystem came out in full force to defend the arrest of the five activists. We bring to you a series of canards that were spread to defame the government action in support of the Urban Naxals.

Congress Leads the Defence of Urban Naxals

The President of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, led the bandwagon of detractors. He tweeted:

Supporting his stand, other Congress bigwigs too began spreading falsehood on the police action:


The scam-hit Congress mouthpiece, “National Herald” wrote “Thus, it seems that what was ‘anti national’ till now has become ‘Urban Naxal’.”

As if on a cue, a number of Congress supporters joined the movement to propagate the erroneous narrative on arrest of the 5 activists involved in inciting the Bhima Koregaon violence.



The Left-Wing Ecosystem Joins the Bandwagon

Leading the pack of left wing politicians, intellectuals and activists, the leader of the CPI, Sitaram Yechury tweeted:


He was joined by other left-wing activists and intellectuals who repeated the lies in unison:


#MeTooUrbanNaxal Campaign

In order to show solidarity with five urban naxals arrested, the Co-founder of Alt News, started a hashtag campaign, #MeTooUrbanNaxal.

Following his call, many ‘left intellectual-academic-activist’ sorts of people responded, helping it to trend. Here are some of the tweets:







The left-wing activist, Girish Karnad, in order to popularise the sentiment against the arrests, attending the first anniversary of Gauri Lankesh’s death anniversary, holding a “Me Too Urban Naxal” placard.

Vociferous Attacks by the Usual Suspects

Not to anyone’s surprise, the star of anti-India gang, Arundhati Roy, came out with a long article defending the five activists that were arrested.

She wrote, “The vulnerable are being cordoned off and silenced. The vociferous are being incarcerated. God help us to get our country back.”

An article published in ThePrint, Shekhar Gupta writes, Why BJP is trying to create this new phenomenon of Urban Naxals as it is required to win the 2019.

Speaking to media as quoted by India Today, Swara said, she found the ‘Urban Naxal’ narrative ‘funny’. She further said, “you can punish [people] only for their doings, not for thinking. Jails will be filled if you arrest people for thinking,” said Swara.”


This verdict from the apex court exposes many of the above faces who were vociferous in their campaign to paint the arrests as action against freedom of expression, while in truth, the action was against alleged activities that endanger national security.