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‘Urban Naxals’ – The UPA’s U-Turn Exposed Through Its Own Affidavit


In the backdrop of recent crackdown and arrest of some persons in connection with Maoist links, a debate has been stirred with a section led by the Congress party trying to paint them as dissenters and human rights activists. They are trying to portray these arrests as anti-democratic. However, the fact is some of those arrested now, had been arrested under UPA rule as well and some were even convicted.

More interesting is the fact that UPA government in 2013 had submitted an affidavit in Supreme Court in which it categorically maintained that some academics and activists in urban centres work for Maoists under the garb of human right activism. Thus, the Congress led UPA propounded the concept of a class of people now known as ‘Urban Naxals’.

Readers interested in the detailed copy of that counter affidavit can Click here to access, or see it in at the bottom of this post where we have pasted all the 15 pages of the document.

Here are a few interesting comparisons and insights

Led by the Congress, many are attacking the government. Rahul Gandhi went onto say that the government “..wants to jail all activists and shut down all NGOs..”

Excerpt from UPA Affidavit

“The second strategy of the CPI(Maoist) is to mobilize certain targeted sections of the population, especially the urban population, through its ‘mass organizations’ which are otherwise known as ‘front organizations’. The ‘mass organizations’, mostly operating under the garb of Human Rights NGOs, are organically linked to the CPI(Maoist) Party structure but maintain separate identities in an attempt to avoid legal liability.”

Now, some elements including the Congress are trying to portray the arrest of ‘human rights activists’ as an attack on democracy. Targeting academics and activists is an attempt to curb dissent, they say.

Excerpt from UPA Affidavit

“These ‘mass organizations’ are generally manned by ideologues, who include academicians and activists, fully committed to the party line. Such organizations ostensibly pursue human rights related issues and are also adept at using the legal processes of the Indian State to undermine and emasculate enforcement action by the Security Forces and also attempt to malign the state institutions through propaganda and disinformation to further the cause of their ‘revolution’.”

By opposing the action against alleged ‘Urban Naxals’, the Congress has become part of the same propaganda and disinformation campaign it blamed earlier.

There are attempts to portray any action against those arrested for alleged links with Maoists as a crackdown against those who work for Dalits and Adivasis. But, is that true? Let their affidavit tell us.

Excerpt from UPA Affidavit Then

“It is pertinent to mention that since the year 2001, the Maoists have killed 5969 civilians, often branding them as police informers, class enemies, etc. An overwhelming majority of such people killed, are poor adivasis whose cause the Maoists and their supporters profess to espouse. Further, a fact which is little known is that most of these victims were ‘tried’ by the Maoist leaders in sham kangaroo courts called ‘Jan Adalats’ before being beheaded.”

Some are also saying the term ‘Urban Naxals’ is just an attempt to brand ideological opponents as enemies and crackdown against them. But, is the phenomenon of subtly pro-Maoist ideologues a new discovery? The UPA’s affidavit calls them more dangerous than armed Maoists!

Excerpt from UPA Affidavit Then

“The ideologues and supporters of the CPI(Maoist) Party in cities and towns have undertaken a concerted and systematic propaganda against the State to project the State in a poor light and also malign it through disinformation. In fact, it is these ideologues who have kept the Maoist movement alive and are in many ways more dangerous than the cadres of the ‘People’s Liberation Guerilla Army’.”

There is a concerted campaign along with the Congress President Rahul Gandhi himself casting aspersions against the arrests. The UPA’s own affidavit is prescient in predicting exactly this – that a propaganda machinery will be unleashed to create negative publicity against enforcement agencies. The Congress and a huge section of the media seem to be helping the Maoists with this.

Excerpt from UPA Affidavit Then

“However, initiating legal proceedings against them has often resulted in negative publicity for the enforcement agencies due to the effectiveness of the propaganda machinery of the CPI(Maoist) Party. However, regardless of this, the Union of India is committed to combating this problem with all resources at its disposal and the efforts are gradually bearing fruit on the ground.”

Clearly, for political gains, the Congress party seems willing to ally with and support the same people against whom it gave a detailed written affidavit, exposing their designs and outlook.


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