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The Other Side of Kashmir – Missed or Untold?

untold story of Kashmir

An Indian got up in the morning and started reading the newspaper. Suddenly, his eyes stopped at a piece of news about an encounter in Kashmir. Indian armed forces had neutralised two militants who had received the training in Pakistan to launch attacks in the valley. During the day, this person meets a friend and asks why is it that we Indians always have to read a negative story from Kashmir? Are we as a state committing cruelty on the Kashmiris?

The news article has portrayed the incident in the way that the militant killed was a poor man and son of a school headmaster who had picked up the gun to raise his voice against the oppression of Indian government. This made the person feel all the more guilty of his own government.

In the case above, an interesting point to note is that the reportage around Kashmir has been such that it paints the Indian government and Indian armed forces in a negative light. The onslaught of negative reportage is such that it doesn’t leave an average Indian (as seen in the case above) even to ponder what should be the nation’s response to a radicalised, trained and motivated gun-wielding terrorist who is ready to kill the innocent people.

This is apart, the humanitarian side of Indian armed forces and its outreach to Kashmiris is not given enough space in the mainstream media. Few questions that arise are, why does this happen? Why is it not told to people of India that Indian armed forces treat Kashmiris like rest of the Indians?

Here are some of such instances that are not generally shown to the people.

CRPF officer playing cricket with kids in Kashmir

Kashmiri kids playing cricket with a man in uniform

J&K police’s commitment to cleanliness in places of public utilities

Project Sadbhavana – Indian forces changing lives of youth in Kashmir

Indian army rescued Kashmiris during floods

Indian army rescued Kashmiri children from school after cross-border firing starts from Pakistan

A man in uniform playing with kids in downtown Kashmir

Having seen the stories above, what do you still think of armed forces and Indian government? Are they what they are projected to be? The answer is left to you only.

But one thing that needs to be understood is armed forces do what they are recruited for, eliminating the threats to national security. If there have been violations by the armed forces, they have always been duly punished by the army tribunals or the courts in the country.

There has been a harmonious relationship between the armed forces and civilians in the Kashmir. It is just that either we have missed it or it has not been told to us.