Elimination of Unmanned Level Crossings- A Shining Example of Railways’ Efficiency

Coming December 2018, there will be no unmanned level crossings on the broad-gauge route of Indian Railways. Our earlier article based on a media report highlighted the mission mode effort of Indian Railways to eliminate all the Unmanned Level Crossings (UMLC) on all the major routes. Our article, Managing Level Crossing – The Humane Effort of Indian Railways has also documented some of the rare fetes in this effort such as the completion of the highest-ever six Limited Height Subways (LHS) in one go, that too within just four hours and an innovative and cost-effective mechanism to save the lives of elephants along the railway lines.

Now, the Ministry of Railways has put out the official figures till October 2018 about the elimination of UMLCs. The figures reflect the urgency and efficiency of Railways in eliminating UMLCs, thereby saving lives. There is a great reduction in the number of accidents at UMLCs, that is from 65 in 2009-10 to 3 in 2018-19.

The below numbers shown in the below infographic speak for themselves.