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An Uber-like Model to Assist Farmers – Know How It Works

You may be aware of various ways in which the Modi government is helping the farmers. Taking care of the soil health, linking them to the market avenues like food processing, income support through PM Kisan are some of the things that naturally comes to mind.

Do you know the government has also thought and already acted upon evolving an ‘Uber-like model’ to assist farmers? A Rajya Sabha reply in the ongoing session of the Parliament has shed light on this feature.

App for Getting Rented Farm Machinery

A Multi lingual Mobile App “CHC- Farm Machinery” has been developed and launched by the government. This helps the farmers for getting rented farm machinery and implements including tractors through Custom Hiring Service Centers (CHC) in their area.

As of now, 41,992 CHCs with 1,33,723 Agricultural machinery for renting out are registered on this Mobile app. Total 1,12,505 farmers as users are registered on this Mobile App.

As the reply stated, through this Mobile App, various advance agricultural implements and machinery such as Laser land levellers, Zero till seed drill, Happy seeder, Mulchers, etc will be available at the doorstep of farmers.

Making Machinery Available to Farmers

The government provides subsidy for purchase of various types of Agricultural implements and machinery used for tillage, sowing, planting, harvesting, reaping, threshing, plant protection, inter cultivation and residue management at the rate of 40% to general category farmers and 50% for SC/ST/women/small and marginal farmers.

Now, the Uber-like model to work on the ground properly, it depends on the strength of the custom hiring service centers in that area. CHCs are promoted by providing the assistance at the rate of 40% of the project cost to individual farmer upto a project cost of Rs 60 lakh and 80% to the group of farmers upto a project cost of Rs 10 lakh.

A special consideration for the farmers of North Eastern Region (NER) is available, 100% assistance limited to Rs 1.25 lakh is provided to NER farmers for procurement of various agricultural machinery and equipment and 95% subsidy upto a project cost of Rs. 10 lakh is provided to group of NER farmers for establishment of Custom Hiring Centres.