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Happily Travelling – What the India’s Tourism Sector is Conveying

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The question and answers in the Parliament session provides an opportunity to see many emerging patterns as the fact and figures that emerge in this churning help us figure out new developments across sectors. One such pattern that can be derived from an answer from the Ministry of Tourism is that the country is making a huge progress in the tourism sector.

Back in January 2019, we had dealt on this subject in detail and explained how India’s tourism is not a footnote industry anymore.

The upward trend is validated further by two set of indicators that the Minister of Culture and Tourism provided in his answer to a question related to tourism, in Lok Sabha.

India’s Travel & Tourism competitiveness Index ranking has seen a consistent improvement since 2013. India has improved its rank from 65 in 2013 to 34 in 2019.

On the other hand, tourist visits, both domestic and foreign, have increased in the recent years.

The government has attributed the success in this regard to various initiatives it took in the recent years.

Two flagship programmes, Swadesh Darshan which focuses on theme-based tourist circuit and PRASHAD are aimed at promoting spiritual and heritage tourism. ‘Adopt a Heritage’ initiative envisages developing heritage sites and making them tourist friendly.

Do such claims resonate in public discourse as well? Many media reports do back up the government claims. Have a glance at some headlines which are self-explanatory.

It can be said that the burgeoning tourism sector in India also partially counters the doomsday predictions over economy. It establishes two things: people are traveling (and travel is not a basic necessity, remember) and jobs are being created in the private sector and tourism is a prime example of this.