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PM Modi’s Tour to France, UAE, and Bahrain – Present Agenda, Past Foundation

three-nation tour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a three-nation tour to France, UAE, and Bahrain during 22-26 August. In a tweet thread PM himself deliberated the main agendas of his visit to these nations. This tour gives an opportunity to take stock about how India has evolved its relationship with these nations in recent times.

Securing the Future with France

The major milestones in the last six years can be summed up as follows:

  • On the security front, the much-awaited fighter jets for Indian Air Force is coming from France through an intergovernmental deal on Rafale. The French government has not only facilitated the deal, it came up with quick rebuttals when Rahul Gandhi of Congress spread canard on Rafale.
  • In another aspect, France has emerged as the important partner of India in securing energy interests in the future. France is a major partner in International Solar Alliance initiated by India in 2015. Read our article from the archive Solar Power: How India Triggered a Global Revolution that gives the glimpse of a strong partnership between India and France.
  • It should also be noted that in 2017, along with USA and UK, France had moved resolution in UN to designate Masood Azhar a global terrorist.

PM Modi’s agenda in this visit: Dedication of a memorial to the Indian victims of the two Air India crashes in France in the 1950s & 1960s. Joining the discussion with G 7 on the environment, climate change and digital transformation on the invitation of France.

As the PM already gave information on his first day in France on Twitter, it is evident that the talks were focused on the partnership in defense, technology and fighting terrorism.

Among other things, France President Emmanuel Macron said that Jammu Kashmir is the bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

Economics & Culture Converges with UAE and Bahrain

Recently, when Pakistani foreign minister on record said that they can’t expect the Arab nation to speak against India, since they have economic ties, that itself speaks about the level of co operation, India has achieved with the Muslim countries.

PM Modi’s agenda in this visit: There seems to be a perfect blend of economics and culture in the present visit.

  • PM Modi will introduce RuPay card in UAE that expands the scope of the international presence of the Indian card. You need to read our article India’s RuPay Card Goes Global to know the significance of this aspect.
  • PM Modi will receive the ‘Order of Zayed’, the highest civilian decoration conferred by the UAE government which speaks volume about the acceptance of his leadership abroad.
  • Coinciding with the Janmashtami festival, PM Modi will take part in the formal beginning of the re-development of the temple of Shreenathji- the oldest in the Gulf region. This reflects how soft power and Indian identity is gaining its glory among different cultures.

This brief about PM’s tour to three nations present a trend in which we see a strong foundation was laid in the first term and relentless focus are steering the journey ahead.