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A Possible Scandal under JDS-Congress Govt Tweeted as BJP Govt’s Scandal

The Print Yediyurappa scandal fake news

In a tweet, the President of Editors Guild of India and the Editor of The Print Shekhar Gupta shared a story on a possible scandal in Karnataka.

The story published in The Print is about an alleged conversation between the senior police officer Bhaskar Rao and a power broker named Faraz (close to Congress) to get himself appointed as police commissioner of Bengaluru. The unverified audio clip of this six-month-old conversation has recently been aired by News18 Kannada. The conversation is reported to have taken place when the alliance of Congress and JD(S) was in power in the state. Current CM B S Yediyurappa is nowhere in the picture in the alleged conversations. And yet, here are the tweets about this news.

Tweet 1 –


Tweet 2 –


All these details have been mentioned in the story published in The Print. But the tweet by its editor Shekhar Gupta is misleading, giving an impression that the chief minister B S Yediyurappa of the newly formed BJP government is involved in the scandal.

In fact, if the audio clip is true. It exposes how the appointments of senior officers in the state were done under the alliance government. The names of senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel and former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy’s brother H D Revanna have come up in the conversation.