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Is the Improvement in India’s Security Only a ‘Feeling’? What Does the Data Say?

India’s security

Even though the nation has experienced a sense of security in the last five years and the same appears to have reflected in the recent Lok Sabha mandate as well, critics, from time to time may have chosen to pick one or two incidents to argue otherwise. But now the data released by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the Parliament has given more clarity on India’s security in clear terms. This is how the picture on the security front looks like in the first half of this year over the corresponding period of 2018.

  • Terrorist initiated incidents saw a decline of 28%
  • Net infiltration reduced by 43%
  • Local recruitment declined by 40%
  • Neutralization of terrorists has increased by 22%

In a reply to another question asked in the Lok Sabha about the status of insurgency in the Northeast, these are the figures that have emerged. In the year 2018,

  •   Insurgency-related incidents in the region decreased by 66% (2013- 732, 2018-252)
  • Civilian deaths have decreased by 79% (2013-107, 2018-23)
  • Security forces casualties have come down by 23% (2013-18, 2018-14)

Both the answers put together, it becomes evident that India’s improving security situation is not just a ‘feeling’ but has the strong backing of the figures as well.

What Has Led to the Improvement?

Surgical & Air strikes: This offensive from the Indian side inflicted severe damage on the terror infrastructure in Pakistani soil. At the global level, it has exposed Pakistan very deeply in a way that the world community no longer suggests India to ‘restrain’ after any terror attack from the Pakistani side.

In fact, per the Home Ministry, after strikes in Balakot, infiltration reduced by 43% in the first half of 2019 over the corresponding period of 2018.

Eliminating the terror funding: You may read our earlier piece The Banning of Jamaat-e-Islami in J&K: An All-out Crackdown on Terror Infrastructure to understand how the government acted against terror financing.

Ending appeasement in J&K: Separatists in the valley are no longer getting the facilities at the expense of taxpayers. Their security cover has been withdrawn. The government has also ensured that the separatists like Yasin Malik are arrested. Our earlier article A Picture That Captures Modi Government’s J&K Policy had explained Modi government’s efforts in the valley in strengthening the cause of peace and conclusively ending the blatant appeasement of separatist forces which was in practise over the years in Jammu and Kashmir.

As far as the extremism in the Northeast is concerned, many measures from the government in the last five years have contributed to bringing peace to the region. Actions against Left-Wing Extremists (LWE), large-scale developmental outreach in LWE affected areas, bringing the rebel leaders into democratic process wherever possible are some measures worth a mention. You may read our earlier piece The Changing Internal Security Situation in the North East for the detail.