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Why People Are Cheering for Tamil Nadu’s Tableau in Republic Day’s Parade

ayyanar swamy

Every year on 26th of January, India celebrates Republic day along with grand military parade on Rajpath. Along with this spectacular display of India’s military strength, the world also gets to witness the cultural diversity of India with Tableaux of different states and their culture heritage on display in the parade every year.

This year’s parade features a tableau from the state of Tamil Nadu which has generated a lot of excitement, as a statue of Ayyanar Swamy will be displayed, showcasing the rural and ancient cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu.

Why is Ayyanar Being Displayed is Special?

Ayyanar Swamy holds a special place in Tamil culture. As a deity, he transcends caste, creed and religion and is worshipped by almost all Tamilians, especially in the rural parts of Tamil Nadu.

Ayyanar is a deity who is usually found in the outskirts of villages in Tamil Nadu as well as parts of Kerala, and is regarded as the village protector. Ayyanar temples are usually in open-air, and mark the territorial limits of the village. Most family functions as well as village festivals happen at these Ayyanar temples. The deity is usually seen riding a horse with a sword or whip, sporting a big handlebar moustache in a warrior-like pose, ready to defend the village against all threats.

The fact that such an intrinsic part of Tamil culture will be displayed at Rajpath during republic parade for the entire nation and world to see has elated many Tamilians, as they took to Twitter to express their happiness.

During the last five years, Prime Minister Modi has made special efforts to ensure that the diverse culture and landscapes of India are shared and displayed to rest of the country as well as to the world. From hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mamallapuram and showing the rich Chola heritage to the world, sporting the veshti, and quoting Saint Thiruvalluvar at U.N General Assembly to now displaying Ayyanar Swamy during Republic day parade, Tamil culture and heritage is being displayed at national and global stage exemplifying PM Modi’s Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat spirit.