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Had Rahul and Sonia Gandhi ‘Outsourced’ Their Constituencies to Others? A Contrived Controversy on Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol fake outrage

The appointment of a local representative by Member of Parliament (MP) from Gurdaspur, Sunny Deol, was spun into a controversy on social media. It is being painted as if the BJP MP has outsourced/delegated his parliamentary and constitutional duties to somebody not elected by the people.

Activist lawyer Prashant Bhushan, who has been rebuked even by the courts on many occasions, said that Sunny Deol has outsourced his Lok Sabha seat to some Gurmeet Singh (He misspelled the name of the person as well.).

Let’s understand what has happened. BJP MP Sunny Deol has appointed a local representative Gurpreet Singh to attend meetings and follow important matters pertaining to his constituency, Gurdaspur, in Punjab. This is commonly done by many MPs. In the letter, Deol nowhere says that Gurpreet Singh will take over parliamentary functions.

The outrage in the social media about Sunny Deol’s appointment of local representative is manufactured on at least two counts.

First of all, it is not technically possible for an unelected person to take over the functions of an MP. And second, the practice of appointing a local representative is common among many leaders so that the electorate has someone to connect with regularly, in case the MP is not present.

Timesnow reported this issue as well and quoted the Congress as saying ‘better to resign’. In that case, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had no right to be the MPs of their respective constituencies in the past either.

Rahul Gandhi as the MP from Amethi also had representatives by the name K.L. Sharma and Chandrakant Dubey. Take a look at the below report which mentions their names.

The same K. L. Sharma or Kishori Lal Sharma was also the local representative of Sonia Gandhi. See the report below.

The appointment of local representatives by Member of Parliament is a normal practice, so as to have a person permanently stationed in the constituency.

Now, going by the logic of the manufactured outrage over Sunny Deol’s move, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi too had outsourced their respective constituencies.

In reality, neither the Gandhis nor Sunny Deol have outsourced their constituencies to someone else. We had written an article alerting people of such fake outrages.