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Slogans vs Solutions: Who Do You Think Reflect the True Spirit of Indian Students?

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For all who are consuming news and opinions about ruckus in places like JNU and AMU, they may be getting an impression that being students means being in a perpetual state of agitation. Some of the opinionmakers and celebrities backing this kind of violent student agitation tend to argue that this is the way to safeguard ‘democracy’ and that it is a model of nation-building. Our earlier article has presented the chronology of events unfolded at JNU and thus exposed the anarchist mindset.  Since certain section of media is projecting these bunch of agitating students as some sort of great contributors to the nation, it has become all the more important to shed light on the real student power of this nation.

The students who represent the real ethos and power of learning community don’t spend their time on streets in vandalism and agitation, they don’t shout sitting in media studios, they are not interested in party politics. At a time when chaos at 2-3 universities in India is making headlines and an impression is being created that student community is synonyms with agitations, let’s cite some of the examples in which students have used their energy productively to find some solutions across many fields.

IIT Kharagpur’s Study on Saraswati

Recently, IIT Kharagpur researchers have come out with an archaeological study which connected the decline of Harappan city Dholavira to the disappearance of a Himalayan snow-fed river that once drained into the Rann of Kutch. This establishes the existence of Saraswati-like river system, which was previously dismissed as mythical.

It should be noted that a couple of months ago, the prestigious Nature magazine published  a scientific study backing the claims of existence of river Saraswati. The research, such as that conducted by IIT Kharagpur, therefore assumes significance because it may lead to reconstruction of history and civilizational narrative in a new light.

The Future Car by the students of Vellore Institute of Technology

Fuel efficient vehicle is the need of the modern world as it not only saves money for the consumer but also contributes to environment by reducing pollution. This in turn makes our city liveable.

The Better India recently reported that 20-odd students at Vellore Institute of Technology by exhibiting a prototype of a car that travels 129 km per a litre Petrol.

Andhra Students Innovation in Food Processing

You can theoretically argue any number of hours to describe how evil the problem of hunger is and be labelled as ‘scholar’. But what truly matters is a concrete plan for being a part of solution.

Your Story profiled engineering students from Andhra Pradesh’s Vishnu Institute of Technology, who have created a device that identifies spoilt shrimp in a package. This student innovation won a cash prize of Rs 50,000 at the Smart India Hackathon 2019 – Hardware edition.

Water Turbine That Doesn’t Need Dam – Innovation from Pune Students

Meet Shivam Mishra (21) and Sachin Dwivedi (23) from Army Institute of Technology, Pune. In 2019 they won the platinum award of Rs 10 lakhs for developing a vertical axis water turbine which is 24% more efficient than a conventional system and doesn’t even need a dam to work. India Today profiled them in detail.


The above examples are only some of the instances in recent times that showcase where the real model students should be searched for. Of course, the debate over democracy and social issues is a contributing factor in nation building. However, it is obvious that nobody can save democracy by celebrating terrorist like Afzal Guru and celebrating the Maoists killing CRPF personnel. In contrast, the student-led innovations and actions described above are helping India in getting real ‘Azadi’ from the many problems it faces.