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Fake Allegations by Separatists Sympathiser Against Indian Army

Shehla Rashid Fake allegation

The union territory (UT) of Jammu and Kashmir is regaining the normalcy. Indian armed forces including the Jammu and Kashmir police are maintaining peace and stability in the region after the decision of abrogation of article 370 which was first announced on August 05, 2019. However, the neighboring country of Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned in spreading chaos in the newly carved UT. It is evident that some of their proxies in India too are trying to vitiate the atmosphere.

One of the usual suspects Shehla Rashid in her tweets tried to malign the image of the armed forces.

However, no evidence to prove her charges has yet surfaced. The armed forces have also rejected such baseless claims.

After the rejection by the armed forces, the Twitterati has erupted in anger asking the government to take action against Shehla Rashid for spreading the fake news.

This tweet from a police officer in J&K summarizes how our security forces have been fighting a misinformation war of the enemies.