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When Social Media Questioned Shashi Tharoor on His Demand to Cancel Republic Day Festivities

“Practice what you preach” is the much-known simple adage. It seems that people who take pride in displaying impeccable English-speaking skills do not seem to get the grasp of this well-meaning adage.

This may be the reason why the social media users have questioned Shashi Tharoor of Congress party when he called for cancelling the festivities during Republic Day citing the crowd gathering issue amidst pandemic.

Reacting to Shashi Tharoor’s tweet, many on social media asked him why he has been participating in protests in the national capital, since the gathering of huge crowds also endangers the lives of people given the ongoing COVID scenario.

Here is news coverage in which one can see some of the protesting members not wearing mask as well.

In another instance, one can see the youth wing of Congress putting up a crowd in the name of farmers’ protest, the photo-tweet that was retweeted by Shashi Tharoor.

In contrast, India marked the Independence Day of 2020 with all the discipline of social distancing that the pandemic situation warranted. Suffice to say that the Government of India will hold the Republic Day in a similar manner, and the preaching of cancelling festivities seems rich for those who don’t practice.

This photo from August 15, 2020 may explain why empty preaching from the likes of Tharoor regarding festivities amidst the pandemic is not necessary and the authorities know their responsibility in celebrating the day of national importance without creating chaos.

Some supporters of Shashi Tharoor have argued on social media that the protests and festivities are separate issues. Alas! The virus that likes and spreads in the density of population never debates whether the crowd is “anti-establishment” or not.

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