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Fact Check: Sakshi Maharaj Did not Wave but Did Namaskar


Prashant Kumar, whose twitter profile says that he is a journalist working for a news channel has spread a fake news through his twitter handle. He has claimed that BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj has done an outrageous thing by waving his hand from the truck which was carrying the mortal remains of a martyr in Unnao. But the video this scribe has posted itself makes it clear that the MP is not waving his hand but clearly folding his hands as a mark of respect. See the below tweet which spreads this blatantly fake news.

The above video has already made it clear that the MP is not waving his hand. But the ‘Outrage factory’ has carried the fake news further with retweets, though a large number of twitter users have pointed out to the obvious fact that MP is doing Namaskar and not waiving.

Now the journalist in question has shifted the goal post questioning whether the MP needs to be there on the truck at all, which is a different debate altogether.

So apparently, the whole idea was to first create a sensation out of an ordinary event and then spread it all around. This journalist has wrongly attributed an act to an MP on false premise thereby creating an outrage.

So, even as the ‘fake news’ created by this journalist has been spreading further the fake news creator himself seems busy shifting the goalpost.