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₹100 Crore ‘Hafta’ Allegation – How the NCP-Shiv Sena-Congress Lie Is Getting Exposed

Ever since former Mumbai police chief Param Bir Singh made the explosive allegations against state Home Minister Anil Deshmukh on creating pressure to collect ₹100 crore from the establishments including pubs and bars in Mumbai, the Nationalist Congress Party led by Sharad Pawar has started a cover-up.

Its counter to the allegations, articulated by none other than Sharad Pawar is a convoluted one. “In the timeframe in which this pressure was attributed to Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and in home quarantine. So, there is no possibility of him meeting any persons including the Police department and instruct an extortion,” Sharad Pawar told the media.

Soon, people on social media brought attention to the fact that there was a press conference Anil Deshmukh conducted on February 15, where he claimed that he was under home quarantine between Feb 15 to Feb 27. Then, the clarification came that it was the last press conference outside the hospital and then he directly went to home for quarantine.

But now, leader of the opposition in Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis has placed evidence that can’t be easily put aside. He has put forward documents that show how Home Minister Anil Deshmukh had used the government guest house during the quarantine period for his own purposes, and had met officials there.

Devendra Fadnavis also said in the press conference that he has sought time from Union Home Secretary to hand over 6.3 GB call recordings data as well as some documents pertaining to the alleged transfer posting racket of IPS and non-IPS officers of Maharashtra Police.

Earlier, Republic TV had reported that the hospital accounts present a contradictory picture to NCP’s claims, as Anil Deshmukh was not advised to home quarantine by Alexis Multispeciality Hospital, Nagpur. In its letter, the hospital had opined that, “He is non-infectious to others from COVID-19 point of view and he is fit to fly considering his current stable medical condition”.