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The Ready Roadmap for 2019: Modi Outlines at Townhall

roadmap for 2019

In Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s town hall with the country on March 31, many things were discussed as people from more than 500 places across the country were joined through video conference with the PM standing amid a sea of people chanting ‘main bhi chowkidar’ at Talkatora stadium New Delhi.

During the townhall, people across the nation posed many questions to PM Modi directly, all of which he answered in detail, explaining the challenges his government faced and the successes it had achieved.

However, a question from a first-time lady voter from Arunachal Pradesh was particularly striking. She asked the Prime Minister why she should vote for BJP when she goes for voting for the first time and what the promises are from the PM in his second term when he does win.

Instinctively, Prime Minister Modi first lauded her level of awareness in his reply to her. Then he followed it up advising that the first thing voters needed to be cautious about is the lies and false promises that opposition parties often make. And Congress Party was one of those uttering such false promises endlessly, fully knowing that they would not come to power. The PM exhorted the first-time voters to make their decision based on the ‘track record’ of the party which was making promises instead of simply buying into the old tired ‘tape record’ of Garibi hatao slogan. He explained how the first family of Congress had repeated this poverty elimination slogan all through the times of Nehru to Indira to Rajiv to Sonia to now even her offspring, but none of them had been able to eliminate poverty.

So, what is that PM wants to do in the second term?

Corrupts Are at Prison’s Doorstep - Mission Needs to Be Accomplished

Mr Modi revealed how in his first term, he had succeeded in bringing some of the most powerful but corrupt people who had looted India, near the doorsteps of the prison with some of them being out on bail. Therefore, he needed a second term to take matters to their logical (and legal) conclusion by ensuring that those people were put firmly behind the bars.

As of now: Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are out on bail in the National Herald case; Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi are expected to be handed over to India, laws like fugitive economic offenders act and linking Aadhaar to public welfare schemes have been cleaning up the mess.

The PM vowed that the fight against corruption would further be intensified in his second term, and so he was seeking the blessings of people to achieve that objective.

Making India a Global Economic Power- Mission 5 Trillion Dollars

Another big goal for the PM was to increase the size of the nation’s economy to 5 trillion dollars, making India a truly global economic power. The fact that India has started its journey towards that direction was explained by some of the points PM had touched upon in the previous stage of his interaction.

  • Under the Modi government, India has become the 6thbiggest economy in the world
  • For another previous question, PM Modi asserted that India needs to compete with the economic powers of the world. He said that for too long, India in its thinking had an obsession with Pakistan. Setting the new focus, he said, “Pakistan will die its own death, leave it alone and let’s march forward.”
Global Standard in Education

Then building on the many reform initiatives that his government had taken in the last five years in the field of education, PM Modi had promised to raise it to the global standards.

As of now: greater autonomy to universities, the IIM bill, education based on learning outcome, focus on skill development have been put in place by this government.

PM has indicated about taking all these achievements to the next level.

From Basic Needs to Fulfilling Aspirations

Further, the PM explained, when he came to power in 2014, virtually every sphere of governance including the economy was ridden with gaps and shortcomings. It took a large amount of his first term to fill those holes, overcome those shortcomings and create building blocks.

As of now: The building of over 9 crore household toilets, the giving of 7 crore gas cylinders to women in poor households, provision of 100% rural electricity, with household electricity under Saubhagya being on the verge of completion –

have been some of the key accomplishments already.

The PM said that in the next term, it was going to be about establishing a superstructure on this foundation.

Roof for Every Indian, Double Income for Farmers

The PM declared that there were concrete time-bound goals which had been set with the work towards their realization has already begun.

  • When India would celebrate 75 years of its independence, the government was committed to ensure that every Indian would have a roof on his head.
  • And often the most hard-pressed section of our society, the farmers, their income would be doubled when we reach 2022, the PM promised.

Thus, while answering to a young voter, Prime Minister has given a very specific agenda for his next term. It is also evident, that unlike Congress, the track record of his five years in government already testifies to the honesty and integrity of his stated upcoming goals. The manner in which the alleged fraudsters such as Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi apart from many others including the first family of Congress involved in National Herald case are being pursued legally, demonstrates the resolve of this government.  On the other hand, the building of over 9 crore household toilets, the giving of 7 crore gas cylinders to women in poor households, the building of 1.53 crore houses for the poor in addition to several other accomplishments – all in a matter of five years – speak volumes of the development commitment of Modi government.