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India’s Might Forced Pakistan to Release Abhinandan – Pak MP’s Admission Validates Already Available Account

Pakistani mp

So, a Pakistani MP has admitted on the floor of their National Assembly that Pakistan feared an attack from India back in February 2019, leading to the release of IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman. According to reports, “in a speech in the National Assembly, Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) leader Ayaz Sadiq said that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had in an important meeting pointed out that if Pakistan did not release Abhinandan Varthaman, India would attack Pakistan that night by 9pm.”

He also quoted saying, “I remember Shah Mahmood Qureshi was in the meeting which Imran Khan had refused to attend and Chief of Army Staff General Bajwa came into the room, his legs were shaking and he was perspiring. Foreign Minister said for God’s sake let Abhinandan go, India’s about to attack Pakistan at 9 PM.”

This Validates Indian Claim

Just concentrate on the night deadline that this MP has often quoted in his speech. Now, revisit what Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said speaking on this issue back in April 2019. There is a perfect sync in what PM Modi had claimed and what the Pakistan MP is admitting now.

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that India had prepared for large scale action against Pakistan if it did not agree to releasing Commander Abhinandan.

The Print back in March 2019 had analysed satellite images aftermath the capture of Abhinandan Varthaman by Pakistani Forces and showed that Pakistan’s entire naval fleet, including its submarines, has been out at sea since 28 February following heightened tensions with India.

A report in Hindustan Times back in March 2019 also indicated that India applied military pressure to secure the unconditional release of Abhinandan Varthaman. The report noted, “According to people with direct knowledge of the matter in New Delhi and Washington, Dhasmana spoke to Munir about the pilot’s release.” The report added further that “The two also discussed the Indian army’s deployment of 12 short-range surface-to-surface missile batteries in Rajasthan.”

The report also talked about the global pressure India managed to bring on Pakistan as it noted, “While the RAW chief talked to his ISI counterpart, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval told his US counterpart John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over a hotline on the same day that India was prepared for the worst if any bodily harm came to Wing Commander Varthaman.

There were few Indian ‘intellectual troll’ type of people who chose to mock India on the issue. They should now realise their folly in mocking the assertiveness of India, not just because a Pakistani MP admitted the facts about the event but because what he said is perfectly in sync with the reports that emerged immediately after the happening surrounding Abhinandan Varthaman. Those who termed the release of Abhinandan as ‘statesmanship of Imran Khan’ can also reflect now.