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Is This Leader of Farmers’ Union Trying to Ward Off His Responsibility for Provoking Violence in Delhi?

As the popular sentiment is rising against the vandalism and security threat in the name of the farmers, leaders of farmers’ unions can be seen shifting the blame to ‘outside elements’ while planning to fuel protests further. Rakesh Tikait, the face you often see on media these days, positioning himself at the forefront of farmers’ protest is an example in this regard.

From claiming that uneducated elements had taken over the protests to blaming the Central government for hatching a conspiracy, Rakesh Tikait, leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union and a former Lok Sabha candidate for the Rashtriya Lok Dal, a Congress ally, is trying all the cards.

However, video clips on social media, later reported by TV channels, have shown Rakesh Tikait instigating farmers to indulge in violence.

An interview given to ANI by this farmers’ union leader shows him saying confidently that they will march towards the Red Fort on January 26th to show their might. Now, the same leader claims that “some elements unknowingly deflected towards the Red Fort” and returned peacefully, and his union should not be held responsible for the violence and vandalism in Red Fort.



Political Background

Many people overlook the history and credentials of likes of the Rakesh Tikait in their emotional bid to support farmers.

See the brief history of Rakesh Tikait. Taking advantage of the fact that he is the son of late Mahendra Singh Tikait, a popular farmers’ leader, Rakesh made several unsuccessful attempts to land a political career. A decade back, he tried to win an election by joining hands with Congress and praising Rahul Gandhi, which was also not fruitful.

Also, Rakesh Tikait was the joint candidate for the Rashtriya Lok Dal and Congress from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh the in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, where he faced severe humiliation by coming a distant fourth. His expenditure report can be accessed from the Amroha District Magistrate’s official site.

Earlier, an attempt was made to portray actor Deep Singh who took part in the vandalism as BJP supporter using the photograph of him with PM Modi when he visited PMO along with Sunny Deol. However, a couple of months back he himself said in an interview that his support to Deol was due to his personal bonding at that time, and that he does not support BJP. Now, Rakesh Tikait, who has all the political background for himself, also argues that just because the actor is photographed with PM Modi, BJP should be blamed for the violence.

It is evident that Rakesh Tikait who fuelled the agitation is now warding off his responsibility on violence.

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