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Unabated Lies from Rahul Gandhi’s Madhya Pradesh Speeches

Rahul Gandhi's Madhya Pradesh speeches

Congress President Rahul Gandhi and facts seem to be an oxymoron, which has been documented by The True Picture at various instances. Ahead of the assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi’s Madhya Pradesh speeches are not an exception to this. He has been repeating the same lies in his various election speeches. His lies on the Rafale Deal have been busted comprehensively in our piece, Rahul Gandhi and Congress Party’s Series of Lies on Rafale. Still, Rahul Gandhi has been repeating those lies, especially his claim that the current government is benefitting Anil Ambani to the tune Rs 30,000 crore, a figure that exists only in his figment of imagination as shown here.

Rahul Gandhi’s Madhya Pradesh speeches have also made a repeated attempt of alleging that the Modi Government is pro-rich, through reiterating his ‘Modi helping 15-20 businessmen’ jibe. Our article, Debt, Recovery and ‘Suit-Boot’ Rhetoric – The Facts Are Here has completely exposed this hollow claim made by Rahul Gandhi. It is perhaps not desirable to expect true facts and figures from Rahul Gandhi as he hardly knows the difference between Mizoram and Manipur, as detailed here.

Nevertheless, the below infographics puncture some the recent claims in Rahul Gandhi’s Madhya Pradesh speeches.