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A Very Brief History of Rahul Gandhi’s Love for Narendra Modi

These days, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is often speaking about his love for PM Narendra Modi. It all seems to have started with the famous hug in parliament which had been followed by the mischievous wink. Then, during the election campaign, interacting with the students in Pune, he asserted that he loved Modi. When PM Modi stated the fact that Rajiv Gandhi who had started his politics with ‘Mr clean’ image ended up as ‘Bhrastachari no 1’, Rahul Gandhi who calls PM a thief without a shred of evidence, seemed visibly shaken. But yet Mr Gandhi managed to tweet that he offers love and hug to PM Modi. In an interview given to a news channel he was seen asserting that he would put love in Narendra Modi’s heart.

Intrigued by the ‘love campaign’ of Rahul Gandhi, we dig out a little to trace the history of Rahul Gandhi’s love for Narendra Modi, and what we have found is going to blow your mind, hopefully. Here we go…

It is Rahul Gandhi’s mother Sonia Gandhi who had been a ‘model of love’ to her son, when she called Narendra Modi a ‘maut ka saudagar’ when Mr Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Afterwards, even in 2014, Congress had firmly supported this abuse as the headline below makes it clear.

So the dutiful son Rahul Gandhi follows the example that has been set by his mother. Taking cue from the ‘merchant of death’ abuse on Modi, he throws an abuse at PM Modi accusing him of ‘khoon ki dalali’.

Then Congress member Imran Masood, who had contested from Saharanpur seat in UP had threatened to cut Modi into pieces back in 2014. Congress President who speaks about spreading love has ensured that this person who vowed to cut Modi into pieces gets prominent space in Congress. In fact, PM Modi in the election campaign has brought out the contrast between the hateful approach of Congress and the developmental approach of BJP when he had said, “they say boti-boti, we’re for beti-beti”.

India TV had reported about the hateful comments of Congress member Imran Masood.

Then when Priyanka Vadra took to active politics, she might have thought how to up this ‘game of love’ on Narendra Modi. She came up with arguably the most despicable idea of using children to badmouth about PM during the election campaign.

While the first family itself leads the charge in abusing PM Modi, it is natural that the party members follow the example and heap abuses on PM Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has listed the abuses thrown on him at the recent rally in Haryana.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has a typical modus operandi in his so called ‘love mission’ on PM Modi. When a severe backlash comes from the people for any hateful comments, a brief suspension of the person who abuses takes place to ensure that Rahul Gandhi and the family regain some sort of moral high ground. In only a matter of few days, abusers come back to the party to enjoy all their previous positions. When Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar had described PM Modi as “neech kism ka aadmi”, Rahul Gandhi took to twitter to distance himself from that statement thereby taking some moral high ground. As usual, Aiyar also did face a brief suspension. But the headline below sums up what happened finally.

Therefore, with all these instances, no comment is needed on the brand of love Rahul Gandhi claims for PM Modi.