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Rahul Gandhi’s Dubious Math on Ayushman Bharat And Rafale

On September 28, Rahul Gandhi quoted two separate instances with two different figures to run down the Modi government. He made the following two claims:


Claim 1: Anil Ambani is getting Rs 1,30,000 crore in Rafale.

Claim 2: Indians under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) are getting health cover of Rs 40 per person per year.


Both the claims are evidently bogus. Let’s first look at the claim number two which is essentially dealing with the recently launched Ayushman Bharat scheme. Below is the tweet of Rahul Gandhi to begin with:

After the instance of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC ‘economist’ Jean Drèze using a bizarre calculation to run down Ayushman Bharat, it is Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s turn to display his math ‘expertise’. In a tweet, he claims that the government is only spending Rs 40 per person per year under the insurance scheme. Previously, we have shown how Jean Drèze trivialised his credentials as an ‘economist’ in arguing that Ayushman Bharat  is trivialising universal health care. Rahul Gandhi used similar logic to claim that the Rs 2000 crore allocation for this year to PMJAY, that covers 50 crore Indians, translates into every person enrolled in the scheme getting just Rs 40 per year.

While countering Jean Drèze’s claim we wrote,


“You need not be an ‘economist’ to understand the bizarreness of the above argument.”

Well, that perhaps can’t be said about Rahul Gandhi since arguably one need to be little above in his understanding capacity to know how the insurance mechanism works. Every person gets Rs 5 lakh cover, not Rs 40 as Rahul Gandhi claims since it is highly unlikely that all the 50-crore people eligible for PMJAY fall sick in the same year to claim Rs 40 each!


Before PMJAY, Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) was in place which was launched during the UPA rule. Under that scheme, both the coverage and the total insurance amount allotted per person were considerably lower.

  • The per family per year coverage under RSBY was Rs 30,000 whereas under PMJAY it is as high as Rs 5 lakh.
  • Under RSBY 3.6 crore families were covered, whereas PMJAY covers 10 crore families.

So, what math Rahul Gandhi has to offer in the previous instance when his party was in power? We dare not direct this question to Rahul Gandhi because the last time he tried his hand to calculate percentage points, he had made a terrible mess as documented by our article at that time titled In His Hurry to Score Political Points, Rahul Gandhi Gets his Price Maths & Data Wrong.

Rahul’s Mysterious Rafale Numbers

At the beginning of the same tweet, Rahul Gandhi claims Anil Ambani has been given 1,30,000 crores in the deal which Rahul Gandhi terms as Rafale scam. Before fact-checking this number, see the inconsistency of Rahul Gandhi in quoting a definite figure. In February this year, he claimed that the ‘Rafale Scam’ involves Rs 58,000 crore. A few days earlier on September 26, he suggested that Rs 30,000 crore were stolen from HAL to given to a man who he termed has no skill in making aircraft, an obvious reference to Anil Ambani. Now he comes up with Rs 1,30,000 crore figure. These instances are enough to show the hollowness of his claims.

The fact is none of the parties involved in the Rafale deal is getting any of the figures Rahul Gandhi has been mentioning.

In an interview to India Today news channel, Air Marshal Raghunath Nambiar, Deputy Chief of Air Staff has cleared the air by stating this

“There is nothing like Rs 30,000 crore to any one party. Dassault has to do offsets to a tune of Rs 6,500 crore. Not more than that.”

Previously, Reliance also refuted the huge amount of money that many are attributing to it and said its offset business from Dassault will amount to just Rs 66 billion.

The fact is, though the Reliance Group is the main offset partner that the French company Dassault choose as per its discretion, there are many other companies, both private and public, which have been part of the offset obligation.

Rahul Gandhi and Congress have been spreading fake news and misinformation on Rafale deal on a daily basis. The recent one which got busted is this-

A New Congress Lie on Rafale Busted- ‘Defense Officer Punished by Modi Government’

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