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Vaccination for Everyone – Rahul Gandhi Twists Facts, Again!

Rahul Gandhi is back to twisting facts and speaking on an issue he has no idea about again!

Earlier today, the Wayanad MP tweeted, asking which statement the Prime Minister stood by, since he had said everyone would be vaccinated as against the Government of India now saying that not everyone will get vaccine.

This was in reference to statement by Health Secretary who said government has not spoken about vaccinating the entire country, as vaccinating a critical mass of the population will be enough to break the chain of transmission of the virus.

Fact of the Matter – Prioritization Has Been Outlined

During the weekly media briefing on COVID pandemic, the Health Secretary clearly mentioned that the priority of the government will be to first vaccinate a critical mass of the population and break the chain of transmission of the virus, indicating that the entire population may not be mandatorily vaccinated.

This clearly means that once a significant section of population is inoculated, the spread of the virus will be curtailed, which is the most important thing to ensure at this stage.

Elaborating further, Head of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) Dr Balram Bhargava said that the decision will largely depend on data on the efficacy of the vaccine candidates, noting that the question would depend on the efficacy of the vaccine and that there is a range, it may be 60 per cent efficacy in someone or 70 per cent in another.

He also added that another issue is that the immediate goal of the government is to break the chain of virus transmission. “If we are able to vaccinate a critical mass of people and break the transmission, we might not have to vaccinate the entire population.”

From these statements, it is clear that Rahul Gandhi is plainly twisting the scientist’s statement to imply that the government will not vaccinate everyone. This is a patently false reading of the Health Secretary’s statement.

PM Modi’s Scientific Assurance on Vaccines

During the PM’s virtual conference with Chief Ministers of all states on the 24th of November, PM Modi said that the government’s priority will be to ensure that the corona vaccine reaches all, and that India’s campaign on the corona vaccine is a national commitment towards every citizen.

He importantly added that safety is equally important along with speed, and that any vaccine that India gives to its citizens will meet every scientific criterion.

He reiterated that we are not scientists, and ultimately the decision on safety, distribution of vaccines has to be merited on scientific parameters and global guidelines.

Even after this declaration of PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi continues to act as if he is a vaccine expert, and is engaging in irresponsible politics on such an important issue for the sake of a few re-tweets and likes.