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Congress’ Hypocrisy on Saradha

saradha scam

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s act of putting a hurdle in the way of CBI’s investigation into Saradha chit fund scam has been exposed in our articles Why the Attack on CBI in Bengal is Virtually an Attack on the Highest Court of India and Spot the Dictator: Mamata Who Became Law unto Herself, or, Narendra Modi Who Abided By the Law?.

The rank hypocrisy of the Congress party has also been exposed in this episode. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has tweeted in support of Mamata Banerjee. He not only said that the Congress is standing “shoulder to shoulder” with Mamata Banerjee but also maintained that “the happenings in Bengal are a part of the unrelenting attack on India’s institutions by Mr Modi & the BJP.”

But the same Rahul Gandhi and Congress have previously attacked Mamata Banerjee on this particular issue of Saradha scam. Since the Congress has also spoken of the scam many times before that the scam has happened under Mamata Banerjee government, why should it feel troubled when CBI goes to question anyone regarding this case? How come it becomes a case of Modi government’s attack on institutions?

The below infographic brings out the evidence of Congress’ hypocrisy and their u-turn over Saradha scam.

Attacking the Mamata government in April 2014, Rahul Gandhi had said, “The government here has not done anything for two years. 20 lakh people have been affected (by the scam).”

Subsequently, the then President of Congress Sonia Gandhi had also echoed the same sentiment expressed by her son. She had said “We all know how every person has to struggle to save money for his children’s future and emergencies. But in connivance with the state government, chit fund companies here have looted and ruined more than 18 lakh families.”

Now, only for the sake of opposing BJP and PM Modi, Congress has taken a complete u-turn and has been trying to portray this episode as Modi government’s bid to enforce its will on the state government. Anyways, the hard facts of Saradha scam have been explained in detail in our article The Saradha Scam: Why Mamata Banerjee is so Scared.

  • Vicky

    YOU cann’t trust the Congress party. I used to hate Modi but now I have realised that he is the only political leader fighting against corruption while others are in corruption.