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The News Item That Rahul Gandhi of “Rich Rhetoric” Never Shares on His Timeline

rich rhetoric

That this government is “pro-rich”, “Modi Sarkar works for their corporate friends”, “PM Modi puts money in Ambani’s pocket” are typical “rich rhetoric” that one may hear often from Rahul Gandhi. They are not only baseless but also proved useless in convincing people, since the mandate of 2019 was resounding for PM Modi despite all this noise.

However, Rahul Gandhi seems to have learnt no lessons and repeats such rhetoric even today. This, despite developments that completely contrasts his accusations have not ceased to happen until now.

While trying to attribute wrong motives and a ‘’pro-rich” image to the Modi government, Rahul Gandhi often drops the name of businessmen. Rahul Gandhi’s attack on Anil Ambani to corner Modi government is well-known, especially in the Rafale issue. The whole struggle of Rahul Gandhi has been to establish that this particular businessman is getting an undue advantage due to “proximity” with Modi government.

Now, consider the recent development, in which the Defence Ministry has cancelled ₹2,500 crore contract given to the Reliance Naval and Engineering Limited. If at all “Anil Ambani is a friend of PM Modi” as Rahul Gandhi is unsuccessfully trying to prove till date, why would this government cancel the contract to the company owned by Anil Ambani’s Reliance group?

So, the gist of the above-mentioned reports is this: In 2011, the contract was given to the company (which was under different ownership at that point in time), for building five warships. Since the company delayed the delivery of vessels contract has been cancelled.

What does this prove?

The administration is not in cahoots with anyone who can’t deliver or fails to respect contract conditions. It doesn’t matter which businessman or what group is involved in a government contract – they need to adhere to the commitment. Otherwise, consequences will follow. It doesn’t matter whether any businessman has “proximity” with the people in the administration or not.

Even at the height of the days when Rahul Gandhi was accusing PM Modi that his government is “pro-rich”, many industrialists were fighting in courts to retain their stakes in their businesses because this government implemented Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. It prevented businessmen from using their clouts to delay repayment to banks. One can refer our article from the archive to understand How IBC Has Pushed the Big Corporates to Clean Their Debt Mess. In fact, the businessman whose name Rahul Gandhi takes often to shoot at government is also facing IBC procedures.

If at all Rahul Gandhi’s team is wondering why their “rich rhetoric” is not paying any political returns, they might consider conceding that India knows the reality better.