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Rahul Gandhi’s False Narrative on Rafale and the IAF

iaf chief BS Dhanoa

In this election season, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has exposed himself enough through his interviews, the account of which you may read in our article 21 Lies in 3 Interviews: Rahul Gandhi Exposes Rahul Gandhi. On Rafale, there was a clear admission that he has been making all the noise over the issue without bothering to know the details.

A couple of days ago, Rahul Gandhi has admitted in an interview to the television channel News Nation that he really doesn’t have details about Rafale. He said that since he didn’t know the details, he couldn’t assure a withdrawal from the deal if his party came to power. He added that he would talk with the Indian Air Force about Rafale before he decides to act on the matter. Once again, Rahul Gandhi has exposed his ignorance with this statement because the IAF had already made its position clear on Rafale.

In fact, the statements coming from IAF on Rafale on various occasions not only have busted Rahul’s false narrative. See some instances given below:

After the Abhinandan Varthaman episode, IAF chief BS Dhanoa had said, “If we had Rafale with us, Pakistan wouldn’t dare to look at us”.

Apart from validating the Rafale deal under Modi government, this statement, in a way, alludes to the delay in acquisition of fighter planes. Who is responsible for this delay? It is none other than the previous Congress government which had openly said that it had no money to purchase the Rafale.

The same air chief had earlier asserted before the media that there was no confusion in the deal; the deal has the backing of the IAF and is in the country’s interests.

IAF chief BS Dhanoa had also welcomed the Supreme Court ruling on Rafale, which had ruled out the need for any investigation in the Rafale deal, thereby puncturing the ‘Rafale is a scam’ narrative of Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

Long back, when Rahul Gandhi was busy weaving a lie that Anil Ambani is getting Rs 30,000 crore from the deal, Deputy Chief of Air Staff Raghunath Nambiar’s interview in India Today had busted this claim. Not necessarily referring to Rahul, Mr Nambiar had said that the people who didn’t know much about the deal had been spreading such false information and there was nothing like Rs 30,000 crore going to any one party. At that time itself, the Air Force had specified that there were hundreds of other offset partners including public sector undertakings.

Thus, from the beginning itself, the facts emerging from the IAF have busted all the lies of Rahul Gandhi. Does it make Rahul Gandhi and Congress feel remorse about their false narrative since the above facts clearly indicate that the IAF is already in favour of the Rafale and the Congress-induced delay in acquisition hurt India’s defence preparedness?