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Water Extraction Through Wind Turbine – Sadly Rahul Gandhi Mocks What He Cannot Grasp

As usual, Rahul Gandhi tried to mock Prime Minister Narendra Modi and ended up pulling a joke on himself. Rahul Gandhi tweeted a video clip of PM Modi interacting with a CEO of an energy company, where he talks about the possibility of extracting oxygen using wind turbine after he elaborates how the coastal areas can be given relief for their drinking water needs through water extraction from the atmosphere. The PM based his observation on an already achieved accomplishment where the water is extracted from the atmosphere. This has become the point of ridicule for Rahul Gandhi and his Congress eco-system.

The Fact Overlooked by Rahul and Congress

The feat of extracting water from the atmosphere using wind turbine was achieved back in 2012 itself. Considering the fact that water consists of Oxygen atoms along with Hydrogen atoms, there is nothing to mock PM Modi’s suggestion on research to explore the possibility of extracting Oxygen from the moisture. While saying this, he acknowledged that there may be challenges involved in this regard. He asks, “whether the scientific community can explore the possibility”.

So, only Rahul Gandhi knows what is the point of ridicule here. Since Rahul Gandhi asks in his tweet that nobody around PM has the guts to tell truth, here is a piece of fact that those who surround Rahul Gandhi should show to him. Perhaps it helps Rahul Gandhi to realise that he may be paying his social media team for nothing since it does not seem to do any research before framing his tweets.

There are many videos that explain the whole process like this one.

Repeat Performance

It is not the first time that Congress or a section of opinionmakers tried to ridicule the scientific idea that they are not aware of. When PM Modi cited how someone used sewage to produce gas, it was laughed off by the “usual suspects”. But facts came to the fore that indeed such instances are reported. You may refer to our fact check on that subject Media and Trolls Spewing Hot Gas at PM Modi Forget the Existence of Biogas.