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No, PM Modi Was Not Doing Any Photoshoot – Another Lie from Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Photoshoot Fake News

With electioneering picking up in the country, Congress President Rahul Gandhi appears to be doing what he does best. In his latest tweet, he made a claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued a photoshoot even after the Pulwama attack and the martyrdom of 40 soldiers.

Following is the tweet from Rahul Gandhi.

On the February 14, 2019, Prime Minister Modi was on a scheduled visit to Uttarakhand to address a rally at Rudrapur. On the same day, as reported, the dastardly attack on CRPF personnel occurred around 3:10 PM.

This, according to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet suggests that Prime Minister Modi was continuing with his photoshoot around 6 PM in the evening on February 14, 2019, even after the attack.

Let’s take a look at how events unfolded on February 14, 2019.

7:00 AM – 8 hours before Pulwama Attack

PM Modi left Delhi and  arrived at Dehradun’s Jolly Grant airport in the morning hours only. He got stuck at the airport for 4 hours due to bad weather.

11:15 AM – 4 hours before Pulwama Attack

Around this time, PM Modi left by helicopter for Kalagarh near Corbett tiger reserve.

12 Noon – 3 hours before Pulwama Attack

Having reached Kalagarh, PM Modi attended a meeting of Global Tiger Forum and then took a boat to cross the Ramganga river to reach the Dhikala zone of the reserve, said a Times of India report.

02:00 PM – 1 hour before Pulwama Attack

By this time, PM Modi was done with his boat ride reaching the Dikhala zone of the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

His photos on steamer were already published by the media houses. The video below was published by News State around 02:35 PM on February 14, 2019

Source: News State

03:10 PM – 0 hours before Pulwama Attack

Pulwama terror attack happened.

So here is the catch.

The photos which had been posted by media at 2.35 PM itself, how does Rahul Gandhi claim that the same photos were clicked 3 hours after the Pulwama attack, that is, at 6 PM in the evening?

Thus, the claim that PM Modi continued with photoshoot is a baseless and an outright lie. However, this appears to be a normal with Congress President.

In less than a day (1:04 PM-21 Feb – 11:50 AM-22 Feb), he has spoken two outright lies.

In his tweet posted on 1:04 PM Feb 21, 2019, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had spoken a lie about the ‘Martyr’ status being denied to the CRPF Personnel. We have already busted this fake news. And, then came his latest tweet posted around 11:50 AM on Feb 22, 2019, in which he has once again spread a falsehood, this time about PM Modi’s continued photoshoot even after Pulwama attacks.