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Rahul Gandhi Not Only Lied About CRPF Martyrs But Linked Them to Rafale

Rahul Gandhi Martyr Status Lie

It has hardly been a week since about 42 brave soldiers of the country made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. But Congress has used this sacrifice as a political weapon since the very day the attack occurred in Pulwama. The press conference by Congress immediately after the attack where it tried to mock the government was a new low by the grand old party in the country.

Reaching yet another low, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that the jawans were denied the status of “Shaheed” while linking it to his old, discredited narrative around the Rafale deal.

Rahul Gandhi Martyr Status Lie

So, is his claim of not granting the status of martyrs to CRPF personnel true?

Here are the Facts
  • In an affidavit before High Court in 2015, the Ministry of Defence had submitted, “The prayer… To grant martyr or shaheed to central armed forces (CAPF) at par with army, navy and air force is misconceived as the very same status is not actually being granted to the personnel of Army, Navy and Air Force.”
  • Further, here is the screenshot where Ministry of Defence has clarified its stand on the ‘Martyr’ status.

Rahul Gandhi Martyr Status Lie

  • Therefore, there is no such thing as a martyr in any official context of both the army and the paramilitary forces. The term martyr is not officially used for any force, whether the armed forces or the paramilitary people.

Most importantly, Rahul Gandhi is trying to make it appear as though compensations of various kinds due to the CRPF personnel’s families are being snatched away and given away as his favourite “30,000 crore”. This is totally false.

While nobody can compensate the loss of a valuable family member, a grateful nation does show concern towards the families of CRPF personnel.

What each slain CRPF Personnel will Receive
  • Liberalised Pensionary Award – Amount equal to emoluments (salary) last drawn given to next of kin for life time or till the marriage of the widow.
  • Ex Gratia (Central Govt) – Rs. 35 Lakh
  • CRPF Risk Fund – Rs. 20 Lakh
  • Central Welfare Fund – Rs. 1.5 Lakh

There are many other monetary compensations that the next of kin of CRPF personnel get in case of their death on duty.

In any case, there is a guarantee of at least Rs. 1 Crore being given to the martyrs from CRPF. Here is the screenshot from the Booklet on Welfare Schemes of CRPF (Page No.22).

So, what is Rahul Gandhi trying to do? This is nothing more than an attempt to shamelessly politicise a sensitive matter. When it comes to the sacrifices of our brave jawans, peddling lies over such issues is not only insensitive but a new low in political discourse.