Why Only Rahul Gandhi Sees ‘Burning Files’ in Shastri Bhawan? Here We Found Out!

After a series of lies from Rahul Gandhi, it has become clear that the Congress President does not need an iota of evidence to throw allegations against his political rivals. Nevertheless, some of his baseless allegations do provide us an opportunity to analyze where they are coming from. His recent tweet blaming PM Modi for the fire that broke at Shastri Bhawan is one such instance.

As far as the fire that broke out at Shastri Bhawan on April 30, which houses the offices of several ministries, is concerned, the officials have already clarified that “neither anybody was injured nor any file or equipment got damaged due to the blaze,” according to this report.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has also rebutted the wild claims of Rahul Gandhi with the following tweet.

But what is it that makes Rahul Gandhi to link the fire incident to the loss of imaginary files even before ascertaining any facts? Perhaps, he is speaking on the basis of the experiences during the Congress rule. Because, under the Congress rule, whether it was under UPA, or in the instances of other state governments in which Congress had stakes, burning, tampering and missing of the files seemed to be a regular affair.

The Maharashtra Mantralaya Fire

In 2012, when Congress-led UPA was in power at the centre, it was Congress-NCP government in Maharashtra. In the month of June that year, fire broke out in the Mantralaya, that led to the destruction of a large number of government files. An archived report from India Today noted, “Documents related to policy decisions on the proposed Churchgate-Virar elevated rail corridor, the proposed Navi Mumbai airport, and action to be taken against 21 officials arrested while accepting bribes were gutted. According to an estimate by a highly placed official, nearly 10 lakh of the 15 lakh files have been destroyed.”

Missing and Tampering with - The UPA Style

The entire nation is well aware of the coal scam that took place under UPA-2 when important files related to the ministry of coal had gone missing. The snapshots below from the media reports clearly explain the state of affairs at that time.



UPA-2 even had gone to the extent of tampering with the coal scam probe report. In May 2013, Supreme Court had lambasted CBI by terming it as a ‘caged parrot’ who spoke the master’s voice, the master being Congress-led government at the Centre. The court had observed that the probe report on coal had been changed on the suggestions of government officials.

Thus, the way the Congress President has hurled allegations against PM Modi, actually seems to be the standard practice of the Congress governments – that is, ‘throw mud in order to divert and cover your own tracks’. It is perhaps this ‘unshakeable memory’ of Congress that is forcing the Congress President to weave a conspiracy theory on an incident of fire.