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International Embarrassment for Rahul Gandhi – Oxford Dictionary Nails His Lie

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi has recently tweeted saying that a new word ‘Modilie’ has been added to the English Dictionary.

But, even before the clock took a full circle of 24 hours, the lie was busted by the Oxford Dictionary which replied to Rahul Gandhi’s above tweet. The official handle of Oxford Dictionaries confirmed that there was no entry in their dictionary such as ‘Modilie’.

However, it was surprising as to how the President of India’s oldest party made this mistake. Was it a mistake? Or deliberately done to spread some narrative against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Putting all doubts to rest, Congress President further tweeted that ‘Modilie’ is a new word that has become popular worldwide. Then, he went on to suggest about a website that catalogues all Modilies!

Here is the most interesting part, Rahul Gandhi first manufactures a lie about a new word in the dictionary, then promotes a website that lists all the lies of PM Modi. What can be more contradictory than cooking one lie to expose other’s so-called lies?

It is to be remembered that not much long ago, Rahul Gandhi has himself accepted in the Supreme Court that he is a liar. But, national embarrassment was not enough for the Congress President. So, he lied so brazenly that it became a matter of international ridicule.