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Busted – Rahul Gandhi’s Lies on Ordnance Factory in Amethi

Rahul Gandhi Lie Busted

An announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Amethi appears to have disturbed Congress President Rahul Gandhi so much so that he tweeted alleging Prime Minister to be lying.

He said that he himself laid the foundations of ordnance factory in 2010 with the production of small arms continuing for some years now. He has thus alleged that Prime Minister Modi made false claims about ordnance factory in Amethi.

Let’s examine if Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a false claim about ordnance factory in Amethi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, among many projects in Amethi, also announced the setting up of a new unit to manufacture AK 203 assault rifles, the latest version in the Kalashnikov series. He said, “One of the most advanced rifles in world AK-203 will be made in Amethi. It will be made by a joint venture of India & Russia.”

This is what the official handle of PMO India had tweeted,


Here are the facts
  • The decision to set up an ordnance factory at Korwa, Amethi was taken in 2007.

Source: PIB

  • The foundation stone of the ordnance factory was laid by Congress President Rahul Gandhi in December 2007 and not in 2010, as he claimed in his tweet. So, it’s not PM Modi but Rahul Gandhi himself who made a false claim of laying the foundation stone in 2010.

Source: DNA

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has in fact presented the true picture. He said, the foundation stone was laid in 2007 with the promise of making the ordnance factory functional by 2010 as the PIB snapshot shows above. However, the reality of the factory in 2010 has appeared rather grim as depicted in the report below.

Source: TOI

Yet, another article in India Today published in 2010 had said, “Over two-and-a-half years later, Rahul would be embarrassed to be associated with the project. The factory buildings at what will be the OFB’s 41st plant are just a year away from inauguration. It turns out that putting up the buildings was the easy part, for the defence ministry does not have a carbine to build in the Rs 13.6-crore plant.”

Key Takeaways
  • The above evidence shows that Rahul Gandhi himself is not sure of when he actually laid the foundation of the ordnance factory at Amethi.
  • Various other reports have also shown as to how the project continued to remain pending even after it was inaugurated.
  • The claims made by PM Modi in his tweets can be corroborated by the reports given above.
  • Despite this, even if one accepts Rahul Gandhi’s version that the production of small arms has been taking place at Amethi for some years, it remains indisputable that the kind of advanced rifle for which PM Modi laid the foundation for, was never produced at the said factory.