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Why Rahul Gandhi is Wrong About ‘Masood Azhar ji’ and Kandahar

Kandahar hijack incident

Rahul Gandhi who referred to the dreaded terrorist Masood Azhar with utmost respect as ‘Masood Azhar ji’ has been busy questioning the release of terrorists in Kandahar hijack incident thereby attempting to create a misinformed debate. Here is why this attempt by Congress President is full of half-truths, insensitivity and hypocrisy.

  • Congress and the other oppositions parties were taken into confidence by the then government before arriving at a decision to free Masood Azhar to secure the lives of hostages in the hijacked plane.
  • Since the terrorists inside the plane sent a message that they could go to any extent with the threat of even killing passengers, India was left with no other choices at that time. No one in the opposition including Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh who were present in the meeting had expressed their reservations on obliging to the demand of hijackers back then.
  • It is clear from the reports at that time, that the opposition parties had only one urging from their side, that the safety of passengers was an utmost concern. They had no other reservations or any specific solution to the crisis.

  • There was also pressure from public, especially from the family members of the passengers, on the government to secure the lives of people inside the hijacked plane at any cost.

  • Contrary to this, even though there was no hostage situation like Kandahar hijack incident, UPA government had released Jaish-e-Muhammed (JeM) terrorist Shahid Latif on May 28, 2010 along with 25 other terrorists in a “goodwill gesture” to Pakistan!
  • The same terrorist Latif was the alleged mastermind behind the attack on Pathankot airbase.
  • Rahul Gandhi’s jibe at the present National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is evidently ill-conceived, since the reportage of that crisis period says that Mr Doval, intelligence bureau chief at that time, had tried everything possible to arrive at a better deal for India during the negotiations on the Kandahar hijack incident.
  • Rahul Gandhi should be aware that Ajit Doval has contributed immensely to the strengthening of security of India, not minding which party was in power. In fact, his contribution in containing the Punjab insurgency in the 80s are legendary.
  • Ajit Doval was the first police officer to receive Kirti Chakra in 1989, which was given only as a military honour earlier. Rahul Gandhi is targeting such a decorated officer for scoring political points.
  • Does the act of Congress and Rahul Gandhi training guns against Ajit Doval have anything to do with the fact that under him India has been able to extradite a scamster like Christian Michel who may spill the beans on UPA’s corruption?

So, what is the point Rahul Gandhi making all this while on Kandahar issue? Did his party prefer the 154 Kandahar hostages to be killed at the hands of terrorists? If that was the will of Congress party, why did they not state so then instead of politicizing now? More importantly, why did they let off terrorists like Latif in the absence of any compulsions?


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