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21 Lies in 3 Interviews: Rahul Gandhi Exposes Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has recently (May 2) given two interviews. NDTV has packaged one 15-plus minutes interview – on the side of a rally – as the first TV interview of Rahul Gandhi in this election season. India Today has published another detailed interview of Rahul Gandhi which has raised several questions, as the evidences show that it was recorded as a TV interview, but later presented only in a text format. In any case, both the interviews have plenty of Rahul Gandhi’s lies and same-old fabrications. Then in an Indian Express interview also, Rahul Gandhi has gone on to repeat many lies and dodged some questions.  They are revealed here.

NDTV Interview

Lie 1

Claim – PM Modi can’t talk about jobs, so he is diverting the issue.

Fact- Almost in every media interview, PM Modi was asked about the issue of jobs. Unlike Congress and Rahul Gandhi, who try to avoid the debate on national security, PM Modi took the questions head-on and had vividly explained how jobs were being created under his government. He spoke with facts and figures. One may refer to PM Modi’s interview on Times Now, or on India Today TV to check how he answered the questions asked on jobs. Long back in July 2018, PM Modi had answered the criticism over employment with facts and figures on the floor of the house.


Lie 2

Claim- PM Modi doesn’t talk about farmers.

Fact- Farmers have been the talking points both in PM Modi’s rallies and interviews. PM regularly talks about the agriculture reforms under his government, various irrigation projects, historical MSP hike under his government so on and so forth. One may read this article written on the completion of 4 years’ Modi government.

Among other things, PM Modi never fails to expose how Congress has failed to deliver its farm loan waiver promises in the states which it is ruling. He also talks about PM Kisan and other things which have been helping farmers under his government.


Lie 3

Claim- Mr Parrikar himself said he knew nothing about the deal.

Fact- It is rather awful that even after the death of Mr Parrikar, Rahul Gandhi wanted to misquote the departed leader’s words. When last time Rahul Gandhi had indulged in such antics, the then ailing Parrikar had issued a statement to condemn such lies. You may read our earlier article Rahul Gandhi’s Limitless Fall for the facts in this matter.


Lie 4

Claim- PM can’t offer vision for the country.

Fact- A laughable claim. PM Modi offers specific goals such as providing homes to all Indians before 2022, doubling the farmers’ income by 2022, and making India a 5 trillion-dollar economy in the next five years, to name only a few.


Lie 5

Claim- PM Modi is silent on Rs 15 lakh, while we are committed to give Rs 3,60,000 a year to crores of people. (12.50 onwards in the video)

Fact- PM Modi never made a promise about depositing Rs 15 lakh in people’s accounts in the first place. Wait…Did Rahul Gandhi just change his promised figure from Rs 72,000 per year to some Rs 3 plus lakhs? This is how serious he is about his commitments!


Lie 6

Claim- Corruption in Rafale is a sure thing since the contract has been given to Anil Ambani who has no experience in the defence industry.

Fact- Indian government has nothing to do with awarding Rafale offsets to Anil Ambani’s company. Dassault has chosen its offset partners and Reliance is one among more than hundred other offset partners. As the media reports now suggest that a business partner of Rahul Gandhi was awarded defence offsets contract in the UPA regime, it is better that Rahul himself should tell the nation about his and his friend’s ‘defence expertise’.

India Today Interview

Lie 7

Claim- “…clear-cut massive corruption by Mr Modi in Rafale

Fact- Supreme court in its December judgment had unambiguously stated that there is no wrongdoing in the Rafale deal.

The supreme court had said –

“We are satisfied that there is no occasion to really doubt the process”

Then CAG’s report had found that the Rafale deal contracted by the Modi government was 2.86% cheaper than the one which UPA was negotiating. The official report rules out any corruption in Rafale deal by the Modi government.


Lie 8

Claim- Raul Gandhi calls PM Modi’s external policy a failure.

Rahul Gandhi said – He doesn’t even have basic knowledge of foreign policy. In fact, he thinks foreign policy is about hugging as many world leaders as he can!

Fact- The world stood up for India both on surgical strikes and air strikes. Doklam was solved without firing a single bullet. Global recognitions keep pouring in in honour of the Prime Minister of this country. In a huge diplomatic victory, India managed to secure a sanction on Masood Azhar when the United Nations Security Council designated Masood Azhar as a “global terrorist”


Lie 9

Claim- “Manmohan Singhji carried out three surgical strikes but we didn’t tell the world.”

Fact– According to various media reports, the Directorate General of Military Operations of the Army does not have records of any “surgical strike” conducted before September 29, 2016.

Rahul Gandhi replying in a vague manner when asked about the outcomes of these strikes, has said – “I won’t talk about what happened. But the targets that were supposed to be hit were hit successfully.”

His party members have been throwing all crazy numbers making the claim a joke. Read our article Congress and Surgical Strikes – Really? to know the contradictions in the claim. Besides, army chiefs during the UPA era themselves have denied any such strikes.


Lie 10

Claim- PM of India has given 30,000 crore rupees to Mr Anil Ambani.

Fact- This is a lie which has been busted several times. When asked where he had got the figure from, Rahul Gandhi had no clear answer in the interview. Many including Deputy Chief of Air Staff as well as Dassault have refuted this claim, the details of which you can read in our article “Rs 30,000 Crore in Ambani’s Pocket”- One Among Many lies by Rahul Gandhi on Rafale.


Lie 11

Claim- The Hindu has published documents where the entire defence department has alleged about the PM conducting a parallel negotiation.

Fact- It is natural for a liar to seek help from others who believe in fabrication. The whole ‘The Hindu’ series proved to be built on selective presentation of documents and concealment of prime facts on Rafale. We have busted every lie of The Hindu in our three articles A Cropped Picture to Paint a False Picture on Rafale, How The Hindu Spreads Misleading Narrative on Rafale Yet Again, The Hindu Caught ‘Forging’ the Rafale Document


Lie 12

Claim- The money for proposed ‘Nyay’ is going to come from present revenue streams, from reducing inefficiencies in government schemes and from better monetisation of government assets.

Fact- In some rallies Rahul has said that the money for Nyay will come from Ambani, Nirav Modi and Mallya. His advisor has said that the money will be generated by taxing the middle class. Now Rahul says another thing. It seems he has no credible idea of implementation for his proposed scheme.

Rahul has absolutely no credibility when he claims ‘reducing inefficiencies in government scheme’ and ‘better monetisation of government assets.’ It took Modi government to bring as many as 434 schemes under DBT which gained Rs 90,000 crores for the nation. The Jan Dhan – Aadhar – Mobile (JAM) trinity has been instrumental in minimizing the role of middlemen and eliminating usury.

It is laughable that Rahul claims ‘better monetisation of government assets’, even after the UPA’s infamous laundry list of 2G scam, Coalgate, CWG scam and NPA crisis, among many others. Read our article UPA Vs. NDA: From Corruption to Clean-Up.


Lie 13

Claim- The biggest problem for young start-up entrepreneurs today is that whenever they try to open a business, the first thing they need to do is to go to 15-16 government departments for permissions, which usually means having to pay bribes.

Fact- Entrepreneurs being forced to bribe is Rahul Gandhi’s figment of imagination. Under Start up India scheme, simplification of the rules has taken place already such as simple compliance regime for startups based on Self-certification, Startup India Hub to handhold startups during various phases of their development, tax exemptions etc.,

Modi government has already taken care of MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Sector Enterprises) through a series of reforms providing relief ranging from capital to social security.


Interview to The Indian Express

Lie 14

Claim- When he did the Gabbar Singh Tax, nobody in his Cabinet was consulted.

Fact- Apparently Rahul Gandhi is referring to GST. Leave alone the cabinet, GST which needed a constitutional amendment became a reality only after consultations with the Parliament and the state governments. GST council also has representation from all the state governments and any review of rates to this day happens only after the council gives its nod. Who can forget the midnight session of the Parliament where PM Modi had made a seating arrangement for the former Prime Minister Deve Gowda, right beside him?


Lie 15

Claim- The benefit to Mr Anil Ambani from the offsets contract and all the Rafale proceedings will be to the tune of Rs 30,000 crore. There is enough documentation available that shows this.

Fact- Which are those documents? Rahul has no such things to offer! He simply asks the interviewer to seek it from P Chidambaram and Randeep Surjewala!


Lie 16

Claim- When I attack him on Rafale, I’m attacking the fact that the Rafale scam represents the complete bypassing of all of India’s institutions. Bypassing them because that’s what Mr Modi feels like doing, and it allows him to steal money from institutions such as the Air Force.

Fact- Air Force was involved in the negotiations. In fact, it is eagerly waiting for the fighter planes to arrive while Rahul Gandhi and Congress have been playing with national security. Air Chief BS Dhanoa had described the Rafale deal as game changer. Read again the lie number 10 and also read the link provided there.


Lie 17

Claim- The Hindu has published documents that show that the negotiating team was against the manner in which the negotiation was being conducted with the resultant inflated prices, and put their dissent down in writing.

Fact- The Hindu article itself seems to be a ‘scam’. It has been already explained in lie number 11. Importantly, the officer who made the dissent note has himself explained that the concerns were addressed before the final negotiations, and asserted that there were no wrongdoings in the deal.


Lie 18

Claim- The Congress has stood its ground on ideology; it has defended the institutions of this country; and it has taken beating after beating from Mr Narendra Modi and his goons.

Fact- Just like the Rs 30,000 figure, this accusation has come from nowhere. On the contrary, Congress-JDS government in Karnataka is busy arresting people. Their crime? They are Modi supporters. Few techies were arrested just because they shout Modi slogan at Rahul Gandhi’s event. As far as Congress’s claim of defending the institutions is concerned, its track record of making CBI a ‘caged parrot’, bringing impeachment proceedings against the judge it didn’t want, Indira’s emergency etc., mocks this claim. On February 10, 2019, Congress leader Kapil Sibal reportedly issued a veiled threat to the civil servants of the country.


Lie 19

Claim- Rahul Gandhi listens, is compassionate and genuinely wants to help people. (According to Rahul, this is one idea for which people should trust Rahul Gandhi over Narendra Modi)

Fact- There are enough evidences in the public domain which counter this perception Rahul tries to build for himself. In April 2018, when he visited a school in Amethi, a girl student asked him “Why many laws enacted by the government are not properly implemented in villages?” To this Rahul Gandhi answered, “You should pose this question to Modi ji. This is not my government.” Then people like Himanta Biswa Sarma left Congress alleging that Rahul had no time to listen to the problems of North-eastern states.


Lie 20

Claim- Isn’t it a fact that Mr Narendra Modi knew exactly who would be the BJP president — the one person who listens to every single order that Mr Modi gives him?

Fact- Unlike in Congress, where only the members from the family can remain in the post as long as they want, BJP has specified the term of party president for 3 years and convention doesn’t permit an individual to serve this post more than two consecutive terms. Congress has the history of insulting Sitaram Kesari in his old age to make way for Sonia Gandhi to occupy the post. In a recent instance, the party has forced an aspiring youth out of Congress when he wanted to contest against Rahul Gandhi for the post of party president.


Lie 21

Claim- Mr Anil Ambani has no locus standi on making aircraft, is Rs 45,000 crore in debt, and barely managed to stay out of jail.

Fact- This is not at all relevant to the argument. It is not the Indian government that awarded Ambani the offsets contract but Dassault and even so, Ambani’s company is not at all involved in manufacturing Rafale and not a single part of the plane will be manufactured in India. If this is the logic given by Rahul Gandhi, he must explain why the previous UPA had awarded Mumbai metro project to Anil Ambani. Moreover, earlier the debt-ridden corporates were still running their businesses as usual. It is under Modi government’s IBC law that they are now forced to settle their dues including the businessman whom Rahul picks to attack the present government. After the interview published, Anil Ambani led reliance group has issued a statement to remind Rahul Gandhi that it was awarded projects of over Rs 1 lakh crore across diverse infrastructure sectors such as power, telecom, roads, metro, by a government-led by the Congress party between 2004-2014.


The above facts not only speak of the lies Rahul Gandhi spoke during the interview, but they also give an important takeaway that not enough counter questions were asked to counter his lies. Yet, even when the media had taken such a ‘kid gloves’ approach to him, Rahul Gandhi lost his cool on certain questions. When asked whether he was against public sector disinvestment, Rahul told the interviewer not to ask the ‘high-school’ level question! We are not even analysing the innate incompetence of Rahul Gandhi in answering those questions.

Nevertheless, the lies Rahul spoke in these three interviews are enough to club them under the title – Rahul exposes Rahul!