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Feeding False Hopes and Fake Promises to Farmers and Poor: The Rahul Gandhi Model

rahul gandhi fake promises

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is trying to portray the appointment of two widely known dynastic people to his party positions as a beacon of new hope. But it is perhaps ironic that while he was on this search for ‘new hope’, people from his own constituency are protesting against him. This is not a one-off incident. There are series of incidents which show that Rahul Gandhi has an attitude of indifference towards people of his own constituency and outside. This article presents such instances that have been widely reported in the media. Put together, these incidents raise the following questions for Rahul Gandhi:

  • The person who wishes to corner PM Modi on issues like farmers’ welfare and employment generation is himself facing the ire of farmers in his own constituency. Doesn’t this test the credibility of Rahul Gandhi here?
  • How can a person who is facing so much criticism in his constituency Amethi – which has been his family turf all the while – position himself to lead a country as big as India?

Now let’s analyse the instances which have put a question mark on his leadership and remind the people of this country about his brand of agitation politics whereby nothing is delivered except empty noises.

Farmers’ Protest Against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi

Rahul Gandhi has earlier announced that his attack on Modi government in the upcoming 2019 elections will be focusing on farmers’ distress along with the issue of lack of jobs. The irony of him facing protests on those same issues in his constituency is rather stark as explained by the snapshots given below.


Note that in this particular case of farmers’ anger against Rahul Gandhi, the name of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation is also involved. According to reports, the land was taken from the farmers by a cycle manufacturing factory on the promise of giving employment to them. However the factory closed down without fulfilling the promise with the land going to Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust in the auction subsequently. This auction was also contested by the relevant local land authority. Anyhow, farmers are demanding that either their land that was given to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation should be returned or employment be provided to them. Rahul Gandhi, who demands answer for almost everything from the Prime Minister conveniently runs away from this issue.

Rahul’s Reply to Amethi School Children

Rahul Gandhi’s indifferent attitude is not limited to the farmers of his constituency. He has stooped so low that he even treated a group of school children’s questions with familiar disdain.

In April 2018, when he visited a school in Amethi, a girl student asked him “Why many laws enacted by the government not properly implemented in villages?” To this Rahul Gandhi answered, “You should pose this question to Modi ji. This is not my government. You should ask me this question to us (Congress) when we come to power.” Further when the students told him about problems of electricity supply in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi quipped, “Yogi governs Amethi. I am MP from Amethi”. How irresponsible and cavalier can he get?

So, how can one expect a person to lead the nation who can’t satisfy the simple queries of the younger generation?

Rahul Gandhi’s Indifferent Attitude as Seen by the People of Amethi

In August 2018, ABP News broadcast a programme covering Amethi constituency. The resentment against the way Congress had represented the constituency was much visible in the people’s reactions. Below are the opinions expressed by the people of Amethi.

  • One person said, “I have got a roof on my head thanks to Modij and not Rahulji. Rahul Gandhi did nothing for us.”
  • Another person had said that he had actually voted for Rahul Gandhi in the 2014 elections. But since the development today is taking place only because of BJP, he vowed to switch sides in the coming polls.

Many more such instances can be seen in this video uploaded by the ABP news.

The Kalavati Story Exposing Rahul’s Fake Concerns

For a change, let’s examine an instance outside Amethi as well. Back in 2008, when his own party was ruling at the centre, Rahul Gandhi had made headlines for himself by narrating the story of a woman called Kalavati. But his sympathetic narration of Kalavati’s poverty was evidently for mere political mileage as media reports have later shown that Rahul didn’t even return to check on her. In 2010, the same Kalawati’s son-in-law, weighed down by debts, had committed suicide.


Conclusion: Rahul Symbolises Broken Promises & False Hopes

All the above examples directly indicting Rahul Gandhi are a reflection of his inability to deliver, indifferent attitude and endless empty talks. Even in the recent past, all his promises as a leader of a political party have already been proven to be false. On this, you may read our article The Reality of Congress’ Farm Loan Waiver: Possible Scam, Lies and Cruel Joke. To understand his dual positions on issues, read our article The hypocrisy of Rahul Gandhi and Opposition Parties Over GST where Rahul Gandhi speaks of lowering GST rates in public but his party opposes the same at the GST council meeting. Then in Karnataka, before the assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi had demanded reduction in petrol price. However true to their colours, after the election, his own party had been a part of the coalition government which had hiked the taxes on petrol and diesel.

With such abject hypocrisy, Rahul Gandhi surely comes out like a symbol of broken promises and false hopes.