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Rahul’s Lie: Just Violative of MCC or Dangerously Creating Social Disharmony?

model code of conduct

Acting on the complaint of a BJP member, the Election Commission has sent a notice to Congress President Rahul Gandhi for violating the Model Code of Conduct (MCC). Reportedly, Mr Gandhi had made a false allegation in his campaign speech at Madhya Pradesh’s Shahdol on April 23.

What Rahul Gandhi had said in his speech is indeed shocking.

Rahul Gandhi had said, “now Narendra Modi has brought in a new law. New law for Adivasis has a line which states that Adivasis could be shot at. In the law, it is written, Adivasis could be attacked, they snatch away your land, your jungle, water and then say that Adivasis could also be shot at.”

The video clip of Rahul Gandhi uttering the above words has been largely available in the social media space.

Considering the series of lies Rahul Gandhi has peddled on almost every issue, be it on army, SPG, national security, or on a sensitive issue such as violence against Dalits, it is safe to assume that he is once again lying blatantly.

There is only one answer one may be interested in knowing from Rahul Gandhi, that is, from where did Rahul Gandhi get this idea of ‘shooting the adivasis’ as a part of his scare-mongering narrative. Here we expose his lie.

The Facts
  • Rahul Gandhi is referring to the proposed draft amendment to Indian Forest Act, 1927.
  • It has nothing to do with the tribal community per se, but is intended to prevent any offenders who violate the forest laws.
  • It has also not been made a law as yet, as Rahul claims. It is at a proposal stage opened for all the stakeholders to comment.
  • Even at this proposal stage, there is not any sort of ‘shoot at sight’ clause which the Rahul Gandhi is trying to imply.
Not the First Time

No wonder that Rahul Gandhi stoops to such low levels in fabricating facts to create social disharmony. Earlier, he had falsely portrayed an unfortunate violent incident as a savarn vs Dalit issue, which was busted here.

At a time when Modi government has been empowering the deprived communities with various measures, Rahul Gandhi previously had also resorted to creating fear among the SC/ST communities by lying that the central government had scrapped the Prevention of Atrocities Act. Whereas in reality, the Modi government has strengthened the act.

Apart from the issue of the violation of model code of conduct, this lie of Rahul Gandhi on government bringing a law to shoot Adivasis, is a more serious aspect where he is attempting to create social disharmony through lies.