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Two News Items on Businessman Anil Ambani Which Rahul Gandhi Should Read and React To

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The nation is well-aware of Rahul Gandhi’s prominent rhetoric, as he repeats them often without second thought. One among many of his unfounded claims has been that the Modi government unduly favours rich businessmen. Almost in any speech of Rahul Gandhi you can hear him saying, “The Modi government works for only 15-20 rich businessmen” or “this government works for Ambanis and Adanis”. If that did not suffice, he called the Modi government “Suit Boot ki Sarkaar”. In his failed attempt to derail Rafale deal by crying about a non-existent scam, Rahul Gandhi had made this unsubstantiated claim that govt has put Rs 30,000 crore in Ambani’s pocket, which was busted time and again.

Why we are reminding you all of this? There are two news items in the recent past that actually shows the hollowness of Rahul Gandhi’s ‘rich’ claims. These news items put together may make you wonder who is actually on the ‘pro-rich’, ‘crony-capitalism’ side. Both news items related to businessman Anil Ambani whose name Rahul Gandhi loves to mention so often.

It is reported that the Central government has sent notice to the businessman over a delay of delivery, whereas, a few days ago, Congress-led Madhya Pradesh government has given four years’ time for the same businessman for clearing a due.

No Favours, Only Rule Book

A report in The Times of India says that the government has issued a show-cause notice to a firm promoted by Anil Ambani over their failure to deliver five naval offshore patrol vessels on time.

The report notes, “Defence ministry sources on Monday said R-Naval will have to explain within a month why the contract inked in May 2011, under which the five 2,000-tonne NPOVs were to be delivered from 2014-2015 onwards, should not be cancelled forthwith.”

This instance gives a message that this government follows the rule book and it ensures that inefficiency gets penalized. Whoever may be the person, he needs to follow the agreement and specified rules.

Who is Helping ‘Friends’?

On February 8, 2020 another new report in The Times of India informed that the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh decided to give four more years to Anil Ambani’s Sasan Power Project to repay dues of Rs 450 crore in instalments.

Of course, MP government has its reason to give such a breather saying that the dues were not in their time in the government.  This conveniently ignores the fact that the super critical power plant had come up during the UPA I reign. But this is the same Congress that refuses to acknowledge any logical argument after it throws allegations against its rivals.

Next time Rahul Gandhi repeats his rhetoric, “Modi govt works for Ambani”, this is the contrast he should be reminded of.

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