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Rahul Gandhi’s Sofa-Fitted Tractor Backfires in Punjab – Ends Up Hurting Farmers’ Sentiments

farmers in Punjab

Congress in its bid to protest the recent farm laws, although on a false premise, organised farmers protests in many states, with the central focus in Punjab. The reason apparently is that Punjab has a large number of farmers and it may be easy for Congress, which also rules that state, to spread fear among farmers and organize protests.

But did these protests sparked and organised by Congress ended up hurting the farmers’ interests? If you read a report in The Indian Express, there are chances that you may arrive at this conclusion.

The report says that the farmers in Punjab have not received Urea for their Rabi crops. Reason? ‘Rail roko’ in the name of farmers protest has prevented fertilizers from reaching the needy farmers on time.

The report states, “Ahead of wheat sowing and with the beginning of other crops of the rabi season (October to March), Punjab has just 22% of the required urea, one of the major fertilisers for both rabi and kharif crops. The state requires around 13.50 lakh metric tonnes (LMT) urea for rabi season when nearly 35 lakh hectare area, which is 85% of the total rabi crops area in the state, is to be brought under wheat and over 6 lakh hectares under other crops, including oil seeds, potato, winter maize, grams and vegetables.”

Though one may argue that ‘rail roko’ and other means of protests may involve other organisations apart from Congress, nobody and even the party itself cannot deny that it is the major force spearheading all sort of farmers protests. So, the onus of sharing the woes of farmers for not getting the fertilizers on time lies with the Congress.

The farm laws, on the other hand, simply provides farmers with more market avenues and unhindered transport of their produce across the nation. Contrast this with the outcome of Congress’ protest in the name of farmers which apparently ended up in hindering the farmers by impacting their supplies negatively.


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