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On Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression, Rahul Gandhi Needs to Reserve his Sermons to Karnataka Govt.

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So, Rahul Gandhi tweets to take some moral high-ground on journalistic freedom, also emphasizing how he is a large-hearted person in this regard. He accuses UP CM of high handedness in arresting a journalist. While the law will decide the merit of the case filed in UP, the hypocrisy of Rahul Gandhi is evident by the fact that all the while he has been looking the other way when the Chief Minister of the Congress-JDS rule in Karnataka, H D Kumaraswamy, has repeatedly attacked media.

Here is how Rahul Gandhi is trying to take a high-moral ground.

But in a very recent instance Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy of the JDS-Congress coalition government has ensured an FIR to be filed against reporter and the editor of a Kannada language newspaper as it had published a source-based report on CM’s son Nikhil Kumaraswamy, immediately after he lost Mandya Lok Sabha seat.

While Rahul Gandhi tries to give an impression that he is not interested in arresting media persons who he terms “peddles fake, vicious RSS/BJP sponsored propaganda” against him, here is the stance of Home Minister in Karnataka government and Congressman M B Patil. Reacting to the above-mentioned case he had said this:

“An investigation is on and I will not interfere. If media publishes fake news, one should not support it. If you (media) still want to protect such reports, then I am ashamed of you.”

This is not an isolated incidence in the era of Congress-JDS rule in Karnataka. It seems that the government and particularly its CM have considered media as their main opposition. Here are the headlines that have emerged from Karnataka from time to time under Congress-JDS government which hold mirror to the claim of Rahul Gandhi led Congress being ‘generous’ towards journalists.



Freedom of Expression in Karnataka

Leave alone the press, the present Karnataka government has shown very little tolerance when it comes to the freedom of expression of the political opposition. Rahul Gandhi seems to believe that every opinion against him is the BJP/RSS propaganda. But how the system under Congress treats the opinions which are not favorable to them? Raising of Modi slogan in Rahul’s election rally leads to the arrest in this land. Police arresting the social media supporters who lean towards BJP’s ideology has become a normal under Congress- JDS rule.


Earlier, Rahul Gandhi has tried to pitch himself as the messiah of love in the Indian politics, which we exposed in our article A Very Brief History of Rahul Gandhi’s Love for Narendra Modi. His sermonising about the freedom of press also belongs to the illustrious list of his hypocrisies. As far as Congress party’s credibility on the issue of freedom of expression is concerned, one may like to revisit the exhaustive study by Anand Ranganathan through a twitter thread which we had documented here.