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What the Anti-Modi Crowd Said About the Modi Govt’s Reforms & What The World Bank Thinks of Them

GST Demonetisation Modi Criticised

India’s principal opposition party Congress and its President Rahul Gandhi have tried tooth and nail to tag Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a baseless charge of crony capitalism in the Rafale deal. However, most of their unsubstantiated allegations, lies, and half-truths with respect to the charge of crony capitalism have already been busted by The True Picture.

In such outrageous attempts, they have not only attacked the Prime Minister but also ridiculed him using derogatory terms. This happened at a time when Prime Minister Modi’s reform agenda is being recognised by the world over. He has already been awarded the ‘Champion of the EarthAward for his environmental leadership and the ‘Seoul Peace Prize’ for Modinomics and Modi Doctrine.

Recent ‘Doing Business Report – 2019’ by the World Bank further recognised the business-friendly policies of the Modi government which are now getting reflected in the quantum leap India has taken from 142nd position in 2014 to 77th position in 2018 in the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ Index.

What did the Anti-Modi Crowd say About Modi Government's Reforms?

The Congress Party and some of its senior leaders grossly criticized various reforms and programmes implemented by the Prime Minister. This attempt was made by the Congress Party despite its own worst attempts to make India business friendly. It is interesting to know that during the Congress Regime, India fell from its rank of 133 in 2009 to 142 in 2014. But, they had the audacity to criticise the Prime Minister who has helped to improve it significantly.

Here are some of the tweets posted by the senior Congress Party leaders disapproving various reforms by the Modi Government:

Rahul Gandhi, Congress President

Manmohan Singh, Former Prime Minister

P. Chidambaram, Former Finance Minister

Kapil Sibal, Former Law Minister

It was not only the senior leaders of Congress Party, some of whom are either out on bail or accused in corruption cases, that ridiculed the Prime Minister but also certain sections of people who frequently take a complete U-turn from their initial statements to somehow malign Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sanjiv Bhatt, Former IPS

Prashant Bhushan, Lawyer

Rajdeep Sardesai, Journalist

What does the World Bank think of them?

In the earlier post, The True Picture has already covered the huge advancement in India’s rank in the ‘Ease of Doing Business Index – 2019’. But, here we present to you the infographic once again that shows the brilliant performance of the Team India led by Prime Minister Modi.


India, in the current times, has an interesting paradox. The leaders of the party who themselves were not able to improve India’s rank in the ‘Ease of Doing Business Index, rather it fell miserably during their regime, are not only criticising but ridiculing the Prime Minister who has led this massive improvement in the business scenario of the country. Therefore, it is important for the people of the country to now question the Congress Party and its Leaders regarding what they have to say now!