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15 Things That Made Us Cringe in 2018

2018 year in review

As the year 2018 has made remarkable progress on the administration front, however, there were many things that made common people sad and think about the state of affairs in the country. Here we listed some of them which made us sad when we look at the 2018 year in review.

1. Rahul Gandhi’s Lies went Unnoticed by the Media

Congress President Rahul Gandhi lied on various issues during the entire year. But that is not the most surprising thing. Perhaps the awful factor is while Rahul Gandhi went on his lying spree and creating fake narratives on Rafale to Gujarat migration to Global Hunger Index, mainstream media that shows its keen interest to cross-check facts on what PM Modi and BJP ministers speak, almost took no interest to fact-check his baseless claims.

2. Sidhu’s Irresponsible Behaviour After Amritsar’s Train Tragedy

Amritsar train tragedy that took place in October 2018 remains one of the deeply troubling images of the bygone year. But the insensitivity displayed by the Congress politician Navjot Singh Sidhu and his wife is the most baffling element in that whole episode.

First, the organizers conducted the Dussehra event on a Railways track. In fact, the organizers reportedly boasted before Sidhu’s wife who was the Chief Guest of the event that around 5000 people are waiting on Railways track and they do not mind even 500 trains crossing the track. After the tragedy, Navjot Singh Sidhu blamed the Railways and everyone except his wife and organizers of the event. The facts of the tragedy are detailed here.

3. Rahul Gandhi’s International Embarrassment on Rafale

Political compulsions may force a leader to exaggerate things and lie to an extent. But hardly a politician ever dared to lie on the floor of the house using the name of another global leader! The lie was caught and rebutted in a few hours and brought an international embarrassment not just to the person lying but to our entire nation. That is the Congress President Rahul Gandhi for you.

He claimed on the floor of the house that the French President Emmanuel Macron had told him that there is no secret clause in the Rafale deal. The France Government had to issue an official statement to rebut this lie of Rahul Gandhi.

4. ‘Bharat Mata’ Became Communal

It is a known fact that politicians like Asaduddin Owaisi had reservations about the slogan ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ that is simply an expression of love towards the motherland. Unfortunately, at the end of the year 2018, a section of opinion makers tried to make this sentiment even more mainstream as they also joined hand to argue how ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ violated religious freedom.

Here is an example of a Journalist who attempted to create a social media debate over the slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.

5. TDP’s Romance with Congress

One may argue that there are no permanent friends or foes in politics. But it is an irony when a party that was found in the first place to oppose Congress go on to join hands with it. That is the story of Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

In 2018 when Chandrababu Naidu joined hand with Rahul Gandhi in Telangana assembly polls, the alliance saw a humiliating defeat later on. Chandrababu Naidu’s argument that the BJP Government at the centre is not supportive of Andhra Pradesh has no factual basis as we have explained in this article. The year 2018 saw Chandrababu Naidu insulting the ideals of TDP founder, N.T.Rama Rao.

The pictures taken from the twitter account of Mr Naidu speak about the great fall.


6. Congress Behavior on Urban Naxals & Bhima Koregaon incident

When police arrested some ‘right activists’ in connection with Naxal links and Bhima Koregaon incident, Congress turned it into a freedom of expression issue indirectly helping the suspects who indulged in breaking India activities.

In fact, the UPA Government in 2013 had submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court in which it categorically maintained that some academics and activists in the urban centers work for Maoists under the garb of human right activism. But the Congress Party took a complete U-turn in such an important national security matter just to score some political points. The apex court has led the police to investigate the matter which exposed the Congress’ hypocrisy.

It should also be noted that Congress backed Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani’s speech reportedly sparked the violence in several parts of Maharashtra.

7. Karnataka Chief Minister Issuing ‘Shoot-Out’ Order on Phone

Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy was caught on camera instructing the police officer to ‘mercilessly kill’ the accused who attacked his party worker. The liberal intellectual group which often indulges in questioning law and order credentials of BJP-ruled states largely went silent on this issue.

8. Kerala Floods & Flood of Fake News

All the human efforts look small when natural calamities like floods take place. Nevertheless, the centre quickly responded to the calamities and made all the assistance available to the state, while the opposition Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his core team were on holiday abroad.

Congress and its eco-system were busy in spreading misinformation about the rescue operations, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan praised PM Modi for the appropriate and quick measures. Centre’s overall financial assistance for Kerala floods stands at Rs 3,100 crore.

Amidst the disaster, fake news was spread to run down India saying that UAE offered Rs 700 crore which was way more than the Centre’s assistance.

9. A Person with Alleged Role in Anti-Sikh Riot Became Chief Minister

Majority section of media and some opinion makers have the history of lobbying against Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister just because Gujarat violence happened under his rule. When Congress recently formed the government in Madhya Pradesh, it has chosen Kamal Nath as the Chief Minister. The allegation against him, as the eyewitnesses have claimed, is that he led the anti-Sikh Congress mob from the front in 1984. The silence of the intellectual class is deafening in this matter.

10. Me too Movement Exposed Left-Liberal Hypocrisy

The country has witnessed an unprecedented online movement in which victims of sexual harassment from various sectors have narrated their story under Me Too hashtag. Here again, the hypocrisy of certain opinion-making class which always takes high moral ground was exposed.

While we have an example of people from the ruling party stepping aside from the position they held as accusation levelled against them, it is the moral lecturing class that has not followed the suit. For example, actor-director Nandita Das who took a stand of not working with those who face Me Too accusation mellowed down her stance to ‘benefit of doubt’ when the allegation featured against her father Jatin Das. Vinod Dua of ‘The Wire’ also continued giving out his morality lectures even after he faced the sexual harassment allegation.

11. Congress Tried to Pressurize the Supreme Court

Congress party which often raises the bogie ‘institutions in danger’ has tried its best to threaten the Supreme Court through impeachment proposal against the then Chief Justice Dipak Misra. It was no secret that Congress wanted Supreme Court to follow its wish in cases like Ayodhya where it wanted the hearing to be deferred.  In this background, its move against the CJI at that time, where there was no prima-facie evidence of misbehaviour seemed like a pressurizing tactic. All the legal luminaries have also expressed their view against the Congress move which has been captured in our article Naysayers to Take Note: Vice President’s Refusal to Admit Impeachment Motion Resonates with Legal Luminaries.

12. The Real Tragedy of Kathua

What happened to the girl in Kathua makes every Indian lower his/her head in utter shame. But the tragedy magnified in its politics. Lawyer Deepika Rajawat attained national fame when she chose to fight the case of Kathua rape victim’s family. She hogged all the limelight and collected awards from various platforms, but as it turned out she attended only two hearings of the case out of 110!

When the victim’s family removed her on this reason, she gave an outrageous comment that it is not in their genes to be thankful. Another activist who gained popularity by campaigning for justice in Kathua case Talib Hussain is accused of rape too.

13. BBC Exposed ‘Fake News’ with Fake News

BBC damaged its credibility when it ran a shoddy and biased report about fake news in India. It apparently aimed at presenting a particular group called as ‘nationalists’ in a bad picture, but in turn, exposed itself only.

14. Akhilesh ‘Tapped’ Everything from Government Bungalow

When the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was forced to vacate his government bungalow, he reportedly damaged the whole house to take precious things along with him. The Indian Express report carried the picture, even the water taps and fittings went missing in the bungalow.

15. ‘Prime Minister in Waiting’ Proved Himself a Kumbhakarna

It may seem as a yet another moment in the life of Rahul Gandhi when he could not get the name of ‘Kumbha Ram Lift Yojana’ properly, instead referred it as ‘Kumbhakarna Lift Yojana’. However, this gives us a reason to ponder over the calibre of a person who thinks himself as a candidate for the post of the Prime Minister of India!