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Rahul Gandhi Gives Another Opportunity to Weigh-in: Who Is Coward and Submissive Against China?

After he spoke in the Lok Sabha attacking the government on farm laws which actually reminded people of the Congress’ record on farm reforms and their u-turns, Rahul Gandhi’s reaction to the statement given by the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh regarding the disengagement process in Ladakh also does the same, which is to remind the disastrous track record of his own party.

Rahul Gandhi’s Claim: Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave away India’s land to the Chinese. PM Modi is ‘coward’ who can’t stand up to the Chinese aggression.

Fact: Finger areas that are in contention were patrolled by both armies. Confrontations used to happen whenever both came face to face. This time the situation worsened because China deployed the troops and India responded befittingly. Now, making the Chinese to agree to a withdrawal of deployment and restrict them to finger 8 can’t be seen as ceding territory in any angle.

As the Defence Minister himself noted, patrolling and other issues are to be resolved in a phased manner. However, the highlight is that the Chinese are withdrawing from Pangong Tso.

As for the matter of Rahul Gandhi calling PM Narendra Modi ‘coward’, making a contrast between the Modi government’s dealing of China with that of handling China’s aggression under Congress rule provides all the answers.

                                     Handling China: Congress vs Modi Government


Congress’ China Record


Modi Government’s Assertiveness


Who can forget Jawaharlal Nehru’s infamous statement “not a blade of grass grows there (Ladakh)” arguing that the loss of Aksai Chin is not a big issue?


After the Galwan incident, PM Modi himself visited Ladakh and interacted with soldiers. In an unambiguous message, he said that India is the land of Krishna that knows how to play the flute and also to use the Sudarshan Chakra to annihilate the enemy.


37,244 square kilometres of land was ceded to China when they occupied Aksai Chin under Nehru. During the UPA period, it was reported that the Chinese took control of another 640 km across three sectors along the border in Depsang, Chumar and Pangong Tso.


It was widely reported, while the face-off was going on, that Indian soldiers in a surprise act in August 2020, captured the strategic heights of Pangong lake area. Apart from surprising the Chinese, it also gave a leverage for India at the negotiating table.


When India faced China’s aggression at its borders during UPA in 2013, Union Minister Salman Khurshid brushed it aside saying, “incursion a mere acne and can be cured with ointment.” Then he visited Beijing and pampered the Chinese, saying that the weather was so good there that he was thinking of shifting to the Chinese capital.


India’s Defence Minister visited the border camps of Indian soldiers amidst the face-off, and categorically stated that the army has been given free hand to act according to the situation. On the other hand, by taking actions on the economic front against China, such as banning apps and restricting Chinese companies, India conveyed that the cost of aggression will be greater for China than estimated.


UPA Defence Minister AK Anthony himself said on the floor of the House that India lagged behind in developing border infrastructure and China holds a superior position.



Within six years of coming to power, the Modi government has ensured that 75% of the border roads are completed, and the strategic Advanced Landing Grounds that were abandoned after 1962 were reactivated.



People can perhaps now weigh-in on who is the real coward and who is assertive and strategic in dealing with China’s aggression.