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Rahul Gandhi’s Latest ‘Narrative’ – Modi’s Lockdown is Bad, But Fine for Chhattisgarh

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Congress is not new to hypocrisies and U-turns, as one can witness currently about its stand on agriculture reforms. The party, which had promised for repealing of APMC act, is now protesting against providing farmers an avenue beyond local mandis. Now, similar hypocrisy is evident on the lockdown and management of Corona situation.

Rahul Gandhi on various occasions has criticised the lockdown measures by the Centre and maintained that it harmed poor people. But when the whole country is in the phase of unlock, Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh has imposed strict lockdown in 10 districts.

Ten districts in Chhattisgarh went into a strict lockdown for a week that is ending on September 28. According to reports, grocery or vegetable stores would also not remain open during the lockdown, and milk would also be available only for only two hours a day. Also, fuel would only be given to government vehicles or those in emergency duty.

Rahul Gandhi’s Take on Lockdown and Chhattisgarh’s Contrast

While the initial nationwide lockdown was necessary to prepare the medical infrastructure to deal with the pandemic, the arbitrary week-long lockdown hardly achieve any goals. They add further uncertainty for the economic activities.

Nevertheless, Congress hypocrisy regarding lockdown looks like this.

Meanwhile, it is reported that in a recent meeting with the Chief Ministers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed scepticism over local lockdowns and asked states to assess whether such lockdowns are hindering economic activities without proving any utility in return.

But Rahul Gandhi can say anything and again utter the exactly opposite thing later. His statements about lockdown, and the practice of Congress governments clearly mirror the lack of responsibility and credibility of narratives from that party.