Rahul Gandhi Caused More Damage to India than Bilawal Bhutto to Pakistan

Rahul Gandhi Bilawal Bhutto

India and Pakistan both have a legacy of many political families. However, two political families, Bhutto in Pakistan and Nehru-Gandhi in India, are seen to be quite influential in their own countries.

Both families have their scions aiming to become the next Prime Ministers of their respective countries, Rahul Gandhi in India and Bilawal Bhutto in Pakistan. However, they both are seen as part-time politicians and are known for their casual remarks on sensitive and important matters pertaining to India and Pakistan.

Recently after the abrogation of article 370, both of them have spoken causing damage to their own countries.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, the top leader of the party that has ruled the country for 55 long years, has caused a lot of embarrassment to his own nation with his statements devoid of facts.

Listen to Rahul Gandhi in the video below. He refers to some unknown or rather imaginary reports that the situation in Kashmir is worsening and people there are dying. The same statement of Rahul Gandhi has also been used by Pakistan in its letter to United Nations (UN). Ironically, no single report has yet surfaced validating Rahul Gandhi’s claims made on August 10, 2019.

Pakistan used Rahul Gandhi’s statement

Pakistan’s Minister of Human Rights in his tweet above has shared the full letter sent to the UN. In one of the pages of this letter (pasted below), Pakistan has used Rahul Gandhi’s statement.

Source: India Defence News

If this was not enough for the former President of Congress, he led a delegation of opposition parties to Kashmir knowing well that this is not the time for political point-scoring but a time to show maturity, in line with India’s long-term strategic objectives. But the Congress’s theatrics ended up becoming another news for Pakistanis.

In the video below, Rahul Gandhi can be clearly seen doubting the normalcy of situations in Jammu and Kashmir. Read The True Picture’s article on what is the ground situation in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. However, his speech to gain political mileage went viral in Pakistan.

Bilawal Bhutto

In the video below, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari can be heard attacking his Prime Minister Imran Khan for his strategic failure in getting outwitted by India. But, in that criticism of the Pakistani Prime Minister, Bilawal, a key opposition leader in Pakistan has said, under the current regime of Imran Khan, it is difficult for Pakistan to even save Muzaffarabad (a reference to PoK), let alone getting Srinagar from India.

Thus, Bilawal has asked a key question to his government as to how it has ceded strategic space to India. However, his statement has also been mocked on the social media.

If a comparison is drawn between both Rahul Gandhi and Bilawal Bhutto, Bilawal was seemingly advancing the interest of his own country whereas Rahul Gandhi was speaking against the interests of his own country.

No wonder, it is the Gandhi family scion who did more damage to India than what Bilawal caused to Pakistan.