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Rahul Gandhi’s “Ambani-Adani” Rhetoric – Who is Getting Exposed Here?

“Adani-Ambani” rhetoric

Arguably, among the biggest strengths of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is his pro-poor programmes coupled with his transparent, non-corrupt way of administration. Political opponents, it seems, have been unsuccessfully trying to dent this credibility. Leading the race for years now is Rahul Gandhi. That is the only rationale that one can think of when trying to make sense of his fascination with the “Ambani- Adani” rhetoric to somehow build a perception that the Modi government favours big corporates at the cost of the common people.

Nevertheless, Rahul Gandhi not only fails every time in his bid to accuse PM Modi being in cahoots with “Ambani-Adani” but also ends up exposing Congress in the end.

In the instance of Punjab farmers’ protests also Rahul Gandhi tried this old method by accusing that “farm laws of Modi government have been brought to benefit Ambani- Adani.”

Rebuttal from Adani Group

Now, a rebuff came from the Adani group which wanted to put some facts to the fore amidst farmers’ agitation. On the one hand it countered the exaggerated versions floated by the likes of Rahul Gandhi, while on the other hand its statement exposed the duplicity of Congress as well.

In response to the allegations made by some farmers’ group that Adani group is making a windfall from the recent farm laws by acquiring large quantity of grains to control the price, the group said- “We do not own any food grains procured from farmers, and are in no way connected to the pricing of grains. The company has no role in deciding the volume of storage as well as pricing of grain as it only a service/ infrastructure provider for the FCI (Food Corporation of India).”

So, when did the Adani group enter into developing and managing grain storage for FCI?

It was back in 2005 after winning a competitive tender by the Government of India. Who were at the helm then? Congress-led UPA. If at all Rahul Gandhi treats participation of corporate companies as evil, then the answering starts with his party only.

Rafale Recap

Rahul Gandhi’s “Ambani- Adani” rhetoric targeting the Modi government was at its zenith when Congress tried to make a controversy out of the Rafale deal. His allegations neither withstood the court of law’s scrutiny nor found resonance with the people of India. Nonetheless, a response from Anil Ambani group at that point in time also exposed the doublespeak of Congress.

Reacting sharply to Rahul Gandhi for calling Anil Ambani “crony capitalist”, the statement from the Reliance Group had asked whether the Congress-led UPA government was supporting an alleged crony capitalist and dishonest businessman between 2004 and 2014 when the group got infrastructure contracts worth nearly Rs 1 lakh crore.

Is Congress Against Corporate Participation in Agriculture?

Once out of power, Congress is pretending to oppose “corporate participation” in many spheres, particularly in farming. But as our earlier fact check articles have shown, it practices the exact opposite stance of Congress in power. Agriculture minister of UPA government, Sharad Pawar, had tried to facilitate contract farming besides attempting amendments to APMC laws. Back in 2013, Captain Amarinder Singh was seen enthusiastically inviting companies for contract farming in Punjab. Instances like Pepsico entering into contract farming with farmers reported way back in 2010. Congress had promised contract faming in 2012 manifesto of Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

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