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Is Rafale Audio Leak Another Lie by Congress

Rafale Audio Leak Vishwajit Rane

After the Supreme Court dismissed the fake rhetoric of the alleged scam in the Rafale Deal, grand old party of India came on the backfoot despite giving its best to somehow create a scam out of the deal through a series of lies. Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his party have been so desperate in painting a scam out of the Rafale Deal that they often ended up generating and sharing fake news.

In a more recent episode, Congress has circulated an audio tape on social media claiming to have had a conversation between some Mr. X and Vishwajeet Rane, Minister, Government of Goa led by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). This is categorically being seen as a face-saving exercise by many people.

On the basis of this audio tape, Congress Party once again attempted to sensationalise the fact that there is something wrong in the Rafale Deal and Manohar Parrikar, the former Defence Minister had many Rafale secrets with him.

Such circulation of audio tape without any voice verification and proven authenticity was coming from the principal opposition party of India whose President is also dreaming to be the next Prime Minister of India.

Here are the Facts
  • Voice in the audio tape which is being claimed by the Congress Party as the voice of the BJP Minister, Vishwajit Rane. The Minister himself has issued a clarification, putting across the facts straight from his end, he unequivocally stated, “At no point of time, there has been a discussion between me and any other individual.” He also demanded a thorough inquiry into this matter.

  • Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of Goa tweeted the following:

He called this attempt by the Congress Party ‘a desperate attempt’ to fabricate facts. He clearly mentioned that no such discussion ever came up during the cabinet or any other meeting.

  • Apart from the above facts, one needs to understand that sharing of this unverified audio clip appears to be part of a continuing strategy by the Congress Party to build a fake narrative around Rafale. Congress Party and its leaders including the Party President have shared the material (audio clip in this case) without any authenticity to create some sort of news so as to create an impression that there is a scam in the Rafale Deal.

Here are some earlier examples of sharing of such dubious news material (like this audio clip).

  1. Mediapart– French media agency came out with many twisted stories on Rafale, many of which were busted. These stories were widely shared by the Congress Party to somehow create a scam out of Rafale. One of its stories misrepresenting the facts from Dassault document was such a lie that it was busted within minutes.
  2. Indiascoops – The Congress social media head, Divya Spandana, shared a report on a sensitive defence related issue of Rafale from a portal like Indiascoops. The portal itself had a dubious origin and was formerly a film news portal before becoming a defence expert. The same portal was also caught for spreading fake news like PM Modi’s Yoga Video costed Rs 35 lakhs.

Indiascoops in its report had claimed to have had access to two top senior executives of Dassault. This attempt was a new low because it was seen as the Congress Party was not only sharing the fake news but also generating the fake news.


The recent episode of the audio clip on Rafale should be seen in the light of the above-stated facts. Most importantly, the audio clip is not yet verified and may also be proved to be doctored in times when fake news has become very common. The concerned minister has come out with a strong worded clarification and asked for an investigation into the matter.