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Congress’ ‘First Family’ involved in a Quid Pro Quo with China? – All You Need to Know About Revelations Impacting National Security

quid pro quo with China

Now, skeletons in the cupboard of the Congress party have fallen out to be seen by all as far as the issue with China is concerned. It was earlier well-documented that the Congress rule since Nehru era is responsible for India losing a large amount of land to China, and the record of UPA regime in dealing with China is also seemingly submissive.

But what is unveiling now with the recent expose by Times Now is that there is a strong sign of quid pro quo between the Indian National Congress and the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), which suggests an act of undermining national security by the Congress ‘first family’. The recent expose in a gist, and some other developments, put together tells us a disturbing story:

  • The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation headed by Congress President had received funds from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.
  • The partnership with China was all about ‘free trade’ during UPA regime. This is the period which coincides with India’s trade deficit with China increasing 33 times!
  • It is already in the public domain that Rahul Gandhi in 2008 signed a pact with CPC in the presence of Sonia Gandhi that established party to party communication beyond the government framework.
  • During the peak of the Doklam stand-off in 2017, Rahul Gandhi met Chinese embassy in Delhi and had initially tried to hide the details of the meeting. Even in his trip to Kailash Mansarovar last year, he held meetings with CPC officials.

All these push us to ask very serious questions about Congress. Did they collude with a foreign power to undermine and surrender national security in exchange for funds to be controlled by ‘the family’? At this hour, when India is dealing with Chinese provocations, almost every political party has stood by the Union government. However, the Congress has been questioning the Indian government by giving credence to the Chinese propaganda.

Stealing from the PMNRF Fund?

Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) is meant for giving immediate relief to families of those killed in natural calamities like floods, cyclones and earthquakes, etc. In 2007-08, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation received funds from PMNRF, a clear case of misusing the fund. It should be noted that Sonia Gandhi as the President of Congress party is on the board of PMNRF and the same Sonia Gandhi heads Rajiv Gandhi Foundation as well.

You may be aware that recently the Congress had created a ruckus over PM CARES Fund, asking about the need for a separate fund when PMNRF already exists? Now, the truth has come to the fore that Congress was pocketing money even from the exclusive fund meant for addressing calamities and disasters. On the other hand, PM CARES has shown utmost transparency and delivered public good.

With all these revelations, the shocking role of the Congress party, and of Sonia Gandhi’s family in particular in undermining the security and integrity of the nation has become a matter of discussion.